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Afghan Police Seize 41 Tons of Hashish

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Afghan police seized 41 tons of hashish in eastern Paktia province on Sunday, Interior Ministry spokesman Zamarai Bashari said Monday.

    "The contraband was found and confiscated from a house in Hotaki village outside provincial capital Gerdez city on Sunday," Bashari told a news conference.

    One person has been detained in this case, he added but declined to reveal his nationality.

    Meantime, he emphasized that the arrested man was attempting to smuggle the contraband outside Afghanistan.

    This is the ever-biggest contraband that has been confiscated by police over the past two years.

    Previously several tons of illicit drugs including heroin had been discovered and destroyed in Baramcha area of Helmand province.

    The contraband found in Paktia province is worth 250 million U. S. dollars in black market, Bashari said.

    Like growing poppy, hashish plantation and its smoking is common in Afghanistan.

    Since intensifying struggle by government against poppy cultivation and producing heroin, Afghan farmers in some provinces resorted to plant hashish and easily supply it to black market.

    Twenty out of Afghanistan's 34 provinces, according to Afghan officials, are poppy-free and the effort to eradicate the menace in the remaining provinces is going on.

    2010-12-27 20:41:38
    Xinhua Web Editor: Luo



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