After ecstacy kills teen, 15, alleged dealer busted

By Euphoric · Nov 12, 2007 · ·
  1. Euphoric
    Wonder if the pill was tainted? Sounds like she'd rolled before so an allergic reaction to MDMA is doubtful... but then why did the others survive? Pills filled with something else her body couldn't handle? What was the cause of death exactly?

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  1. RaverHippie
  2. trptamene
    Maybe he shouldn't be selling ecstasy to a 15 year old girl...but he never forced her to take it.

    The fact that he is facing murder chargers is horrible.

    They should start charging anyone that sells a weapon for any crime that is commited with that weapon.

    Also, doesn't murder imply it was intentional? Wouldn't manslaughter be more appropriate?
  3. Samadhi
    Swim agrees with tryp... The fact that he was prosecuted for murder stands a little shaky...

    murder being defined (1st degree)-

    first-degree murder is defined as an unlawful killing that is both willful and premeditated, meaning that it was committed after planning or "lying in wait" for the victim.

    I don't think this guy is the captain crunch of drug dealers;luring children into his presence and force feeding them chocolate hallucinogens (or in this case an unknown ecstasy pill)

    involentary man slaughter fits much better in this case and holds a sentence of 15 or less prison years...

    ''His punishment pales in comparison with the lifelong agony that her family will endure,'' Miami Beach Sgt. Robert Hernandez, a spokesman, said on Monday.

    this above gets swim angry... he may have shown his stupidity in selling the untested pills to a fifteen year old girl but she showed her drug use in this case... her parents may have to struggle with the fact that although this bloke sold her the tab their daughters want to "party" or "roll" caused her ultimate demise... It is easy to see ones child as innocent and see the world to have made her do these things but plain and simple; nobody forced it into her mouth. Swim feels for the families loss but they should see the two sides to this case.

    :ssorry for the rant
  4. Bajeda
    Hmmm.... Could someone clarify what exactly this means? I'm reading 'jack-shit' off the information meter.

    BajEdit: It may mean traces of methamphetamine and amphetamine found which suggest consumption of MDMA or a related compound, or a mixture therein, but I thought with an autopsy there was a more accurate way of knowing than with UA. Whatever the case, more specificity would be better, as 'ecstasy' could be any number of things.
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