After 'Plant Food' New Legal High Is...'Pond Cleaner'

By chillinwill · May 24, 2010 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    JUST five weeks after a Sun campaign led to a ban on killer party drug meow meow, the market is flooded with potentially lethal replacements - all of them LEGAL.

    And as the music festival season kicks off again, one of the mind-altering substances in particular, NRG-1, is causing deep concern.

    It is so strong that the dealer we bought some from admitted in a secret recording that he forced himself to be SICK after taking too much, as he was scared of overdosing.

    In a north London pub, supplier James handed over two grammes of the white powder for £30 and said: "I did one and a half grammes myself at the weekend. I just stuck it in a five-gramme bag and done it all in one go.

    "But I put two fingers down my throat afterwards to make myself sick.

    "I just thought, 'You f***ing idiot, people are saying this is well dangerous.'

    "I got rid of about half of it and then I was going all day and night."

    Online, NRG-1 is sold as a "pond cleaner", and is even cheaper than when bought in person from dealers such as James.

    One site says of naphyrone - NRG-1's chemical name - "This pond cleaner is even better than any of our previous products - but it also means you need to use less in your pond to get the desired results!"

    From this site we bought two grammes of naphyrone for £20, including postage, and it arrived in two days.

    We had also found James online, and when we dialled the mobile number listed, he arranged to meet us within an hour.

    In a 30-minute conversation - which we filmed without his knowledge - he told us he had been sentenced to six months in prison for dealing cocaine and ecstasy two and a half years ago.

    He now studies business at a London university but sells NRG-1 on the side. He also claimed to be able to get a kilo of banned meow meow.


    He said: "I sell more NRG-1 than I did M-Kat (another name for meow meow). It's really popular with students."

    Most of the legal drugs gaining popularity after the meow meow ban are readily available in High Street shops for around £15 each, and many are caffeine-based.

    Others contain harmful chemicals, requiring a warning to be printed on the packet by law.

    Headtonik, a shop in Manchester, sold us a substance called Karma, labelled "Bath caps" and "Not for human consumption".

    Staff claimed the single £10 blue capsule, containing brown powder, has the same effects as meow meow.

    Another shop sold us two white pills called Doves Ultra, with a label warning: "Plant feeder, not for human consumption". Other meow meow alternatives include Bliss, at around £1.50 per pill. Its effects include an energy rush with potential palpitations, insomnia and anxiety.

    But NRG-1 is the "legal high" which most worries experts. The effects are similar to rave drug ecstasy, giving the user a sense of intense euphoria and energy for 12 hours or more.

    But the side-effects can include sweating, sickness, fainting - and even death.

    Dr Ken Checinski, medical director of drugs charity Addaction, says: "This is a drug designed to be very similar to illegal drugs but to slip past legislation by being very slightly different.

    "The dangers which can go with these drugs are potential heart attacks, breathing problems and high blood pressure.

    "When the user experiences a comedown, coming off the drug, they could feel depressed, even suicidal."

    Art student Caroline-Jane Ryder, 24, from Merseyside, takes around three grammes of NRG-1 every week. She says: "It doesn't matter what they ban, there will be something else to take its place.

    "I used to take trips and pills, but because NRG is legal I feel better in myself because it doesn't feel like I'm doing anything wrong.

    "I'd say one third of the people I know take it. Until booze and entry to clubs become cheaper, legal highs are going to be massive."

    Home Office Minister James Brokenshire said last night: "Action to address the issue of emerging legal highs coming on to the market is a priority for the Government."

    May 23, 2010
    The Sun

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  1. Synthesised
    Absolutely excellent sensationalist reporting from the sun. Notice how one of the alternatives listed is the exact same calcium supplements used in baby food and soya milk.

    Another containing is made out to be some sort of horrible corrosive bodily juice, when it is in fact an essential part of a functional body, found in most meats, and in cpious amounts in energy drinks. Too many energy drinks cause palpitations, but it's the devil's concotion if it's in a pill.

    There was a lot of anger towards tabloids for whipping a storm about mephedrone which may have actually increased sales, and this is no different, with the sun even going as far as to leave the supplier URL in the picture.

    This pretty much disgusts me.
  2. Simplepowa
    Strange how this article is written the same way as mephedrone was written:

    to put fear in the population.

    Exiting nonetheless.
  3. source
    Ok there is definately one side effect there that swim obviously hasn't had - but she hasn't had any of the others either. I wish tabloids would research more about a subject before going to press, the side effects of NRG-1 are completely different.

    (Edit: By the way, the homepage rolling link to this post is broken)
  4. Paradoxical Frog
    It doesn't help that in these articles they always use quotes from people who are irresponsible or going completely over the top with these substances. I'm unsure as to the credibility of the quote from "art student Caroline" but the attitude presented there basically makes every user look bad - because readers of the Sun generally aren't going to question the validity of anything reported and assume that every user is the same. And the Sun knows that. That's why tabloid reporting really winds me up and makes me angry.

    And I doubt that the popularity of legal highs has anything to do with the price of entry to clubs or the drink served in them. Haven't tabloids like these been complaining that alcohol prices are too low as well, fuelling our binge drinking culture? In my experience, the people using drugs use them as a preference over alcohol, not because alcohol is too expensive..

    But it's all fairly typical of the Sun really. What a waste of trees tabloid newspapers are!!
  5. coolhandluke
    you brits and your meow meow, what shall we call this one woof woof? lol. its always been proven that prohibition doesn't work. in the past once a substance became illegal it would just create a vast underground market for it. now in the age of technology they are just tweaking the substances a little to make them legal, and even more easily available to the market. this one will be banned in 6 months than another will come out, and the cycle will continue. who wins, not these drug users who are putting unknown, or little known, substances into their bodies, and who the fuck knows what kind of side effects will start to show up as these drug users age? one of the reasons swim tries to stay clear of research chems, but then again swim is able to get the uppers, downers, and hallucinogenic substances he wants to consume, if he was no longer able to he would most likely start ordering RC's.
  6. Paradoxical Frog

    That's the problem really - getting hold of decent, tried and trusted drugs can be very difficult over here. For example my cat hasn't been able to get hold of MDMA in over a year now, as most of what has been going around has been fake - BZP and the like. She believes that it's making a come back now, but it's still hard to find and as so many people have been burned by buying fake MDMA, a legal alternative with guaranteed purity was an attractive alternative.

    Unfortunately, the legal alternatives were too cheap and readily available to people who weren't concerned with being cautious and things got out of hand. Kids who normally wouldn't have taken anything were mixing substances without realising how dangerous that can be. It seems that a lot of people who were experimenting with these RCs for the first time weren't all that interested in reading up about them beforehand and getting themselves into trouble, effectively spoiling it for those who were careful :(
  7. pepsi_plunge
    The thing that gets me with this article is the student being quoted as taking 3 grams a week. From the trip reports I have read I get the feeling that if this was the case she would be in no state to give an interview to a paper.

    This could give the impression to the readers that it is a forgiving substance but by all accounts that amount of it a week could/will cause serious health issues and I severely doubt the validity of the quote. I tried to comment on the article but I think the moderators did'nt put it up for some reason.

    I know it's only my second post but I needed to vent my spleen because that article got me canny riled!
  8. El Calico Loco

    Wow. A person who looks to politicians for their moral compass. They really do exist?

  9. Synthesised
    Perhaps it's just a case of not wanting to go to jail. One might want to take some illegal drugs, but one cannot because they would go to jail if they did.
  10. Hypno-h
    I am very suprised that Miaow, M-Cat et al its bizarre names has not yet made an illegal resurface? SWIM obtained some MDMA at the weekend to find zero effect on swim and a range of pets he was in attendance with. Sad but true
  11. Paradoxical Frog
    I think that Mephedrone is still available illegally, it's just a case of chasing it up and knowing where to look as with all illegal drugs. Having vendors on the internet just made it cheap and easy to get hold of with a guaranteed purity.

    My cat believes that there are those who stocked up with the intention of dealing after the ban came in, and indeed there have already been arrests made with people being caught with large amounts. She has also heard stories of people she knows being sold Mephedrone for an inflated price per gram, as she expected would happen, but cut with ridiculous amounts of sugar. She can't verify the claims but isn't totally surprised by it :(

    My cat is also very saddened by yet another report of fake MDMA! It seems that getting hold of genuine MDMA continues to be a difficult mission.. :(
  12. cannabis-sam
    MDMA situation's starting to improve, there's facebook pills everywhere now, north to south, which are medium MDMA pills, crystal has also dropped, it's just a case of getting out there and finding the right people. It is about in seemingly large quantities but so are BZP and mCPP unfortunately. It's luck of the draw with crytal at the moment. People are starting to get sick of shit pills, even the people who don't care what there taking. So hopefully people will be finding it about now, and won't have to use the dangerous RC's I get a bad feeling the RC market has taken on a much nastier side recently it used to just be relatively safe psychedelics now they're peddling all sorts of untested shit. I'm wondering if NRG1 is being cut down to prevent people doing rediculous amounts, I hear the dosage thresholds are low and as such the distributors are selling small amounts as grams to avoid people going overboard. I've heard numerous reports of people doing grams of the stuff.
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