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Agents seize 411 Ks of cocaine at East Haina Port headed to Spain

By jon-q, Aug 4, 2011 | |
  1. jon-q
    Santo Domingo.– Drugs Control (DNCD) agents seized 411 kilos of cocaine in a container headed to Spain from East Haina Port, in 408 packages hidden in tobacco leaves, shipped by company LR Cigars, located in Palmarejo township, Villa González, Santiago.

    The DNCD detained Domingo Villa Henríquez for questioning who figures as the shipment’s owner, although the company LR is property of Luis Reyes Colon.

    The drug was detected Tuesday night in container CMAU 006437-6, of the shipping company B& R, which was contracted to transport 89 bundles of tobacco leaf to make cigars.

    DNCD spokesman Roberto Lebrón said agents conducted several searches in Santiago and Santo Domingo yesterday afternoon, and that a previous investigation determined that the drug had been hidden in the container’s ceiling and sidewalls.

    The DNCD Announced the arrest of Luis Reyes Colon Thursday morning.

    Dominican today 4th August 2011


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