Aggravated rant

By Samadhi · May 23, 2008 · ·
  1. Samadhi
    'Nothing is what it seems to be anymore'

    I may have thought a month ago but it seems once again the cards have turned and my perception is changed again… I have been proven wrong by my own doing… The flagrant and primal flaws in today's people are so often overstated that I forget that it is normalcy to see these things… Materialism monstrosities and the maledict path the human race begins to tread is the first step towards the social collapse of everything known… when all the information censored is made public and those who cannot see will finally wise up to the colors of life, all will be too late… it is the bumptiousness of most that is the end… the dogmas put aside; because most are to inflicted with the mechanistic billboards of subliminal ecstasy to look in front of their own noses and realize that the one shot in the dark this life is should be aimed carefully and shot with a balance and tongue-in-cheek. I wish I could sit back and join the crowd of the damned, bewitched and scorned but I cannot. The beginning of the end is at hand for those who cannot see it. Not an Orwell-esque tyranny… but the sounds of the machines whir closer to us each and every day… The more we idolize the stimulus, the more we drift from the roots, and soon the tree will be pulled up and the end will follow… I hope that some can see the end… for when there is no reason or thought beyond dogma and human reaction… then all will be lost…

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  1. RaverHippie
    hearing messages like that coming from places besides my own rantings or frustrated musings, makes me satisfied in knowing that there will always be more people showing a similar perspective, one that is able to step away and recognize the typical trends for what they really are. A Perspective that lends the viewer a lens into a society where the mass populous thinks they have free choice and that their actions matter but the populous's choices have already been carefully laid before them where the end result is all the same. It will be amazing if people reach this perspective.
  2. Samadhi
    I think that if all humans reached this perspective...not only would it be impossible, it would end the human experience as we know it. Different perspectives make up the world and society around us. if everyone worked as one with one consistent mindset... there would be nothing to separate us from ants in a hive.

    I believe everyone should have their different perspective and opinions. I just feel like lately the world is beginning to drift a little. we idolize celebrities more than we idolize ourselves or our love-ones. It's an odd thing to see but it happens

    I agree to an extent with you raver, thanks for the comment. its good to know someone reads these other than me :laugh:

    I'll keep writing if people keep reading.
  3. ODB
    For some reason I decided to read your blog and I am glad that I did. My thoughts have been revolving around these sort of subjects lately for some reason. Although I think there is a great awakening of awareness to what is going on in our world. I think for every drone out there there is a person who is seeking. There is balance but perhaps the balance is now of the extremes and so things seem much more amplified. Yet are in harmony with one another. It does seem that I come up with a new idea/perspective every other day. I guess its how I learn from my changing perspective and how it evolves with new ideas. Thanks for the good read.
  4. Humanity
    I agree with every word you put in there. It isn't money, social class, looks or power that set human beings apart from one another, it's realizations like these.
    You really have a knack for putting your ideas on paper and I'd pay money to read whatever else you have hid away in your mind. So fire away!
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