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Ahh...so THAT's why I'm eating so many painkillers...

By DHCdiva, Jun 11, 2012 | |
  1. DHCdiva
    Pushed back and broken Coxyx, which has bent back on itself and healed like that.

    Pelvis has become seperated and misaligned, with one point of it looking like it had splintered, and again been left to heal.

    A hip disorder which is suspected to have been present all my life (they're doing more tests to find out exactly what)

    and yes, the original diagnosis of SPD still stands.

    Turns out my nicknames for my pains ("Broken Bum" and "Fractured Foof") weren't that far off the mark.

    Hospital asked why it has been left for almost 3 years without being properly looked at. I explained to them I've been wanting everything investigated but I kept getting referrals for physiotherapy and stronger painkillers.

    Sounds like the Physiotherapy has done more harm than good,

    not sure what happens next. Gotta wait for consultant appointment.

    In the meantime, I gotta keep eating the DHC, Tramadol, Amytriptyline, etc.
    None of it takes the pain away, but it is much worse without the meds.

    I just want to be mended and feel like new again!

    Lol x


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