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  1. takeyourmeds
    pissed i jusy wrote this long, profound entry and then-pludunk says puter ADIOS!:mad:


  1. savingJenniB
    Yes! That's happened to me, as well.

    When you are posting and it starts getting long ~
    use the "Go Advanced" below. Then you can Preview with essentially saves what you have written so far and allows you to edit before posting.

    Not sure if these are new features ~ or if it just took me 6 months to discover them ~ probably the later!

    keep posting tym.

  2. purplehaze
    Its best to have a notepad open at all times, personally phaze uses one saved to his desktop named anything text, which is a text file that he throws links into and text poems songs all kinds of shit so just type your post in a notepad and randomly throughout the post hit ctrl+S just incase somethign happens it will be saved on your comp. All computers pc,mac,nix boxes all have some form of word editor.
  3. takeyourmeds
    good idea.should do that... hide it "dress pics" in my docs orsomething... thanks!
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