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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    A product marketed on the Internet as a relaxing air freshener contains a prescription tranquilizer similar to Valium and Xanax.

    Louisiana Poison Center Director Mark Ryan is investigating the product, Zannie Air Freshener, which was linked to two overdose deaths in the United States in 2010.

    Ryan ordered the product and had the North Louisiana Crime Lab test it. The testing showed the product contains a substance identical to phenazepam, a drug that acts as a central nervous system depressant.

    He's awaiting test results to show how the amount of drug in the product compares with standard doses of phenazepam and similar types of drugs.

    "It could have some really bad effects if a person takes it with other central nervous system depressants," Ryan said.

    Ryan is concerned that the product could be used as a date rape drug. Phenazepam creates a type of sedation in which a person can't remember what happened.

    It's in the same broad class of drugs used to relax patients before or during surgery. Zannie comes in a 3-inch-long, slim spray bottle that could be concealed in the palm of a person's hand.

    Ryan will ask lawmakers to add the chemical compound in Zannie to the state's list of banned natural and synthetic drugs.

    That would make it illegal to sell or possess Zannie. The state Legislature took the same approach with synthetic marijuana, marketed as K2 and Spice, and lab-created stimulants marketed as bath salts and plant food.

    Like the other synthetic drugs, Zannie bears the warning, "Not for human consumption."

    However, Ryan said photos and videos at the online sales sites show people spraying it into their mouths. The directions specify three or four sprays "in the area" and warn people not to use it again for 48 hours.

    "Those are 'clue directions,'" Ryan said. "They speak in riddles and codes."

    Written by
    Melody Brumble
    Mar. 1, 2012



  1. fehs
    "Zannie Air Freshener", what the hell? Anyone who lives in the US doesn't need much imagination to guess what type of substance(s) such a product might contain. The person who invented a branded product with such a name... what was he/she expecting? Quick cash, obviously, but come on, some common sense would come in handy.

    Not that I think that phenazepam should be in the market in powder or other than official pill form since it's so potent and long-acting that nothing but problems come out from people trying to experiment with it, even very experienced psychonauts have been eaten alive by the substance. If one wants to experiment with rc benzos, why not try etizolam instead (well it's a technically thienobenzodiazepine, but still), it's much safer due to it often coming in official blister packs and because it has a LOT shorter duration of action.
  2. Pain Hurts
    most if not all air freshner's and strong detergent type scents give me a serious and almost deadly reaction, I will panic, cant breath (slight asthma already) , sweats, shakes, mega anger, confusion, its like watching a bug get sprayed with poison.

    I am extremely sensitive and react badly to any of these products. As soon as I get a slight scent , its all over.
  3. snarkymalarky
    sounds like you need some zannie freshener!
  4. no eff eks
    Putting phenazepam in a product that's not labelled as such is dumbfoundingly reckless and dangerous. I don't know how much of the drug these "sprays" contained, but 200mg made me lose about a week to amnesia from just slightly overdoing my initial dose. 200mg is not a lot of material at all, easily less than a single crushed up 1mg xanax.

    The stuff takes at least a few hours to come on strongly, and somebody unfamiliar with the product would likely believe they'd been ripped off after feeling nothing after 60 minutes and having taken 20mg+. For comparison, a reasonable therapeutic dose is .5-1mg (roughly 5-10mg diazepam or so I've heard).

    I'm not surprised that people died. Whoever produced and sold these deserves to do jail-time for their actions.
  5. salgoud
    The Zannie Air Freshener where it is sold has a man holding the spray to his mouth, like it is a mouth freshener, as Mark Ryan said. Not a spray for one's house to make it smell good. These vendors also sell many other herbal type remedies under the guise of "incense" and other falsely named products. This is just another way to sell a dangerous substance online, however, now the vendors have made it soon to be illegal.

    However, they say it is "Not for Human Consumption." Pretty strange when they have a person pointing it directly in their mouth.

    Many of the sites seems to be dumping Zannie Spray before it is illegal. Up to now, it is still legal to possess. We will just have to see what the DEA does about this. Again, since phenazepam is in the news and killed two people, it will definitely be outlawed. I wonder what they are going to do about etizolam. They are the only two Schedule IV substances that are not on the DEA illegal list.

    The Controlled Substance Analog Act, as far as I know applies still to Schedule I and II substances. However all they have to do is add it on the list, which one would think would be rather easy, but it appears that it takes legislation and bills to add it on.

    One ingredient listed is Propylene Glycol which is used to make benzodiazepines soluble in liquid. It is in many things we eat and drink, so propylene glycol is harmless. Look at the ingredients of the foods you eat everyday, you will see propylene glycol in many foods. I wonder if the two people who OD'd did more than one container, and opened them up and drank the contents of many containers.

    Senator Fred Mills, who represents Saint Martin and Iberia parishes, pre-filed a bill Tuesday to ban phenazepam. If the bill passes, it will make it illegal to sell or possess the drug. I'm not sure if this just applies to Louisiana, or the entire U.S. When it was tested it was said to contain 100% phenazepam. Plus, the kids could have open the container and shot it up. Since the only two ingredients are probably phenazepam and propylene glycol with a little ethanol which make many benzo's soluble in liquid. Shooting phenazepam is very dangerous and could have been the cause of the two OD's in Louisiana.

  6. no eff eks
    As far as I know phenazepam is not a controlled substance and there are no plans to regulate it. You are right that the analogue act does not apply to a benzo like phenazepam because they are not scheduled high enough.

    The main problem I have with this product us the lack of labeling saying what it contains and how much. Giving somebody an unspecified dose of a drug active at 0.5mg is ridiculously dangerous. Stuff like this is going to get phenazepam a special place in schedule 1 if the public finds out.
  7. Nanashi
    If anyone wants to try this drug, they better take as little as possible and give it plenty of time to kick in. Not just take a major rip thinking its gonna be like smoking herb. I wonder if it would be hazardous to use it as an airfreshener.
    I mean, think about it, How do people see if they like an air freshener? They sniff it, Lol, I dont mean they stick it up there nose, but spraying it and wafting it. Would this be harmful? After all, as stated by the previous poster, the drug is active in low doses.
  8. staples
    200mg? That's only "slightly" overdoing your initial dose?? What was your initial dose and why was it anywhere near triple digits in mg units?!

    What if you were allergic?

    Yeah it's not a lot of material, but you presumably did some sort of measurement to state the 200mg figure. It doesn't seem like there's a huge step from knowing the importance of measuring it out and knowing that it is active at 500μg to, well, measuring out a more reasonable dose! I don't mean to condemn you, I mean, you already acknowledge it as a mistake, but I'm curious and I think others can benefit from understanding what thoughts/presumptions/shortcuts/etc lead someone like you, with apparently sufficient understanding of phenazepam's potency, to take such an enormous dose!
  9. no eff eks
    ^^ I didn't mean that I took 200mg all at once... it took at least 4-5 days of constant redosing to use up the total of 200mg. My initial dose was likely 5-10mg and I had no tolerance. Sorry if my initial post was confusing, 200mg of phenazepam at one time could easily put somebody in a coma.
  10. Meowmix
    people should be be responsible fro their own actions and not ban a substance based on just one or two deaths, that's ridiculous!!! More people die from alcohol than any substance in the grey/black market. Now, if this stuff is being sold directly to kids, then the vendors and the companies making this stuff should be held responsible to some extent. 21 and over should be the label on all "novelty" items
  11. salgoud
    I agree it is not banned in Colorado and is completely legal. So a friend ordered a bottle. They come in 5ml bottles and he said it numbed his mouth and got him stable for a couple days. He has a bad benzo habit. So the coroner did a test on Zannie Air Freshener and they tested the Zannie Air Freshener and it contains 100% Phenazepam and Propyl Glycol. I did a couple of sprays my friend gave me, and I must admit I did get quite benzo'ed.

    Until they change the analog act to include Schedule III and Schedule IV substances, then it will actually have to be added to the DEA Controlled Substances Act.

    5ml is not much. It is five times the amount that would fit in a 1ml insulin syringe. Obviously it is injectable since it has been treated with Propylene Glycol. It should have a little ethanol also, but it doesn't. Ethanol makes the liquid less viscous.

    I am not trying to help people do this, I thought this may be what the two boys in LA did. One vile of of Zannie Spray, however I have a large tolerance to benzo's however I must say I felt it.

    So I could imagine if two young non-tolerant kids got a few bottles of this stuff, I'm not surprised having experienced myself. Remember, it is legal in Colorado at the moment.

  12. shockabargegnar
    ...how would you do 200 mg by "slightly" overdoing a dose. a dose is like 1-2 mg!
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