Aircraft Carrier USS George HW Bush Used as Heroin Dealership by Navy Sailor and Wife

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    One US Navy sailor certainly has an entrepreneurial spirit; in addition to serving in active duty, he -- and his civilian wife -- ran a near-fatal heroin business on the side, aboard the USS George H. W. Bush. The couple pleaded guilty in a federal court on Thursday.

    In a scam that certainly turns the US Navy's motto — Not for Self but for Country — on its head, 22-year old Donald McManus together with his wife, 23-year-old civilian Breanna McManus, sold heroin aboard the Navy's aircraft carrier, the USS George H.W. Bush. They both fully admitted guilt on Thursday in a Virginia federal court, to charges of smuggling the drug on board the ship, which led to the overdose of a female active-duty sailor.

    According to court documents, the aircraft carrier was docked last spring at a naval station in Norfolk, when Breanna McManus smuggled the drug and syringes, hidden in her clothing, onto the ship. Donald McManus then sold the drug to a woman for $150.

    She was later found unconscious on the floor near her sleeping quarters, WTKR reported, and her heart stopped for 14 minutes before she was revived. A "confidential source" told officials she saw Breanna McManus take the drugs and syringes out of her sweater and bra. Donald McManus also confessed to selling prescription Xanax and Percoset pills in addition to the heroin, court documents reveal.

    The couple was arrested on charges of possession and distributing heroin in August, and face a maximum punishment of 20 years in prison apiece when they are sentenced in January.

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