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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Airport police seize nearly 6 kilos of ketamine

    Taipei, Nov. 4 (CNA) Aviation Police Office inspectors arrested two men at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Wednesday who were attempting to smuggle 5,997 grams of the recreational drug ketamine into Taiwan.

    According to the police, the suspects -- both Taiwanese nationals -- disguised the drug as an insulating agent. They were found attempting to ship them into the country from Malaysia as part of a consignment of living coral fish, which they claimed to be importing into the local market.

    The two men have been taken to the Taoyuan District Prosecutors Office for further questioning, the police said.

    Under Taiwan's laws, individuals who produce, transport and sell "third-grade" banned drugs like ketamine are subject to a jail sentence of at least five years and a maximum fine of NT$5 million (US$153,600).

    (By Bien Chin-feng & Elizabeth Hsu)
    Central News Agency
    2009-11-04 03:18 PM



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