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Alabama Legislation on Synthetic Drugs Includes 5-HT (Serotonin)...

  1. stryder09
    Part of this is written in jest and part is serious...


    Here is a story about the new legislation on synthetic drugs pending in Alabama. And here is a PDF of Senate Bill 333.

    Upon reviewing the bill, it is very comprehensive. In the synthetic drugs section, it explicitly lists 354 compounds by name. It lists 17 banned general structural classes of compounds. It includes extremely broad analogue language.

    It is the most up to date legislation that I have seen. When looking at the list of compounds, it is amazing and exhaustive. It's the first legislation that I've seen that addresses some of the new THJ series synthetic cannabinoids (THJ-018 and THJ-2201). It's the first that I've seen address another new synthetic cannabinoid, FUB-PB-22. It includes cathinones and hallucinogens. It includes our old friend desomorphine. Designer opioids, W-15 and W-18, are included too. Acetylfentanyl is present.

    When I made my way down the list, one substance did strike me as peculiar to be listed as a controlled substance...

    Page 41 of the PDF referenced above
    Substance 241
    5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT)


    Yes, that's correct. 5-HT, otherwise known as serotonin, is listed in pending legislation in the state of Alabama under the synthetic drugs section and if passed into law, 5-HT will be considered a Schedule I controlled substance. Bewildering.

    So, what does this mean? I'm not sure. I can't speak for the legislators in Alabama or the consultants who pulled together the list of compounds.

    5-HT has been found to exist in plants, fruit, vegetables, and chocolate. Will those now be considered a synthetic drug controlled substance? Will there be police raids at your local supermarket? Will your local farmer growing tomatoes be shutdown and have assets seized? Will walnuts be outlawed?

    Is 5-HT a controlled substance in any place in the US or any other country?

    Alabama, if you want my banana, come and take it!

    Addendum (added 2/21/2014, 7;50 am)

    Upon more detailed review, AL SB333 also controls two other compounds, 2-PEA and tyramine, under the "synthetic controlled substance" section.

    2-PEA is a naturally occurring monoamine alkaloid and is found naturally in the CNS as it is the enzymatic decarboxylation product of the amino acid phenylalanine. It is found in some of my favorite foods, including chocolate and wine!

    Tyramine is also a naturally occurring compound that occurs widely as well and is found in a myriad of plants and foods, including certain cheeses, bananas (again!), and one of my favorites, sauerkraut. It is derived from the amino acid tyrosine.

    And the beat goes on...






  1. stryder09
    Here is the article referenced and the link to the Senate Bill is below. For some reason, my PC won't let me upload the PDF.

    Alabama bill to crack down on synthetic 'spice' drugs called law enforcement's 'most important'

    MONTGOMERY, Alabama --- A bill that law enforcement called the most important of the session moved closer to becoming law this morning.

    The House Judiciary Committee approved SB 333 by Sen. Arthur Orr, R-Decatur, which makes changes to the state law on synthetic drugs sold under many names and sometimes called “spice.”
    “This is the most important piece of legislation that we have this year,” State Law Enforcement Secretary Spencer Collier told the committee.

    Collier said makers of the drugs are constantly adjusting their products to stay ahead of what the law defines as illegal. “It’s a constantly evolving crime,” Collier said. He said use of the drugs is a huge problem and said he appreciated the Legislature moving quickly on an urgent issue.

    The committee approved SB 163 by Sen. Jerry Fielding, R-Sylacauga. The bill would make it a crime to intentionally buy or install a counterfeit or nonfunctional airbag in a vehicle. That has happened in other states, proponents of the bill said. The counterfeit bags are available over the Internet, they said.

    The committee also improved SB 151 by Sen. Tom Whatley, R-Auburn, that would make bestiality or the promotion of bestiality for commercial purposes a crime



    Link to the Alabama Senate Bill 333 text/PDF:

  2. rawbeer
    Well, GHB has been illegal for years and is endogenous. DMT is also quite probably produced in humans. Not that this makes this new law any less stupid. I bet most literate Americans know what serotonin is, knowing that GHB and DMT are natural human products is less well known.

    Someone needs to add a new verse to Sweet Home Alabama...boo, boo, boo...
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