Alcohol death rate in parts of Glasgow six times higher than average

By Horiz · Sep 16, 2009 ·
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    Alcohol death rate in parts of Glasgow six times higher than average.

    Published Date: 16 September 2009


    THE alcohol-related death rate in part of Glasgow is almost six times the UK average, figures revealed today.
    An average of 13 of every 100,000 deaths in the UK are related to drinking.

    But the death rate in the Glasgow Shettleston constituency was 574% of the national average – almost six times as high.

    The figures, which cover the year 2008, showed that in 64 of the 73 Scottish Parliament constituencies the number of drink-related deaths was higher than the UK average.

    In Glasgow Maryhill the rate was more than four times the UK average at 420%, while the rate in Greenock and Inverclyde was 371% – almost four times the national average.

    Those figures compare with Tweeddale, Ettrick and Lauderdale where the drink-related death rate was 30% – or less than a third – of the UK average.

    The statistics, revealed by Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon, showed just one of Scotland's health boards had an alcohol-related death rate lower than the UK average – the NHS Borders area, where the rate was 60%.

    NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde had a rate of 267% – nearly three times the national average.

    Anne McLaughlin, an SNP MSP for Glasgow, said: "These are shocking figures for Glasgow and show the scale of the challenge we face to tackle alcohol abuse.

    "With the death rate from alcohol nearly six times higher in Shettleston than in the UK as a whole and for six Glasgow constituencies to be among the 10 highest death rates is a disturbing reality check for all politicians, professionals and the drinks industry.

    "The scale of Glasgow's death toll from alcohol is shocking. These deaths take a huge personal toll on families in the city as well as our communities and public services.

    She added: "Glasgow has started to fight off the 'sick man of Europe' stereotype – we must show the same determination to end these deaths from drink."

    The figures were released in response to parliamentary questions from Joe Fitzpatrick, the SNP MSP for Dundee West.

    He said: "These figures expose for all to see the dramatic impact alcohol has on health in Scotland.

    "There can be no doubt that we must take action on alcohol now before more lives are lost.

    "All but nine of Scotland's constituencies and all but one Scottish health board have death rates well above the UK average.

    "This is a clear demonstration of the scale of the problem we have to tackle and the unique situation Scotland is facing. We must take action now to avoid another generation of Scots dying through drink."

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