Alcohol, tobacco among worst drugs

By EuPhOrIa89 · Mar 24, 2007 · ·
  1. EuPhOrIa89

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  1. pankreeas
    Grrrrrr!!! must resist raaaaant.... i'll attempt simple & to the point but ain't makin no promises. Of course alcohol and tobacco are the worst drugs... there could not be a study in the world to dis-prove the overwhelming mountain of data on drunk driving deaths, workplace accidents, marriages dissolving, etc...then lung cancer.. money spent to keep smokers alive.. and they just bottle/roll it up, and we bottoms/smoke it up. One starts to think if "they" (yes how cliche) were to make alcohol and cigs illegal and all other drugs legal, how great would the impact be? Alcohol has a way of bringing out someones true colors for everyone to see, where as insightful, beautiful, scheduled ones bring out your true colors for you to see.. fuck everyone else.
  2. TAP
    pankreeas says the truth,
    alcohol and tobacco are dangerous.
    i could not put it better than he has.
  3. Blue.. Like Water
    Hey, guess what?... No shit.
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