By Dawn Godess · Apr 23, 2014 ·
  1. Dawn Godess
    Alcohol is bad. It acts as a solvent - (meaning it melts) vital elements in the brain,
    kidneys, liver and nerves. Elements of the body that are only soluble in alcohol are very
    difficult to rebuild. Alcohol turns into sugar in the body, which leads to hypoglycemia,
    diabetes, parasites, heart problems, pancreas problems, candida, chronic fatigue, and
    pretty much any degenerative disease you can think of.
    In the process of metabolizing alcohol, the liver turns it into formaldehyde...yes, as in
    embalming fluid. This is the same liquid used to preserve dead people in mortuaries
    and frogs and pigs in biology labs. It is extremely toxic to the body... it is a poison.
    Get away from people, places and situations that encourage you to drink. The
    temporary escape is not worth the price. It does not magically leave your body the next
    day. It does it's harm and the effects can stay with you sometimes for a lifetime. The
    sooner you stop, the better.
    Alcohol forms free-radicals -molecules that damage the body and radically accelerates
    the aging process. It can shorten your life by one third !
    Vitamin C- (great results), The best source is Amla berry powder- don’t take that
    synthetic powder or pill crap
    B-VITAMINS(deficiency increases alcohol craving)- good source of mega B vitamins is
    Nutritional yeast
    CHOLINE- a good part of any program to overcome alcoholism, liver and kidney
    disorders. It helps dizziness, lowers cholesterol and supports liver function.
    CHROMIUM aids in stabilizing the erratic blood sugar in alcoholic hypoglycemia
    ZINC helps the body metabolize and detoxify from alcohol
    GABA- (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid)- non essential amino acid- is a natural tranquilizer,
    useful in treating brain and nerve dysfunctions like anxiety, depression, high blood
    pressure, insomnia, schizophrenia and low libido. GABA works best when taken with
    glutamine and tyrosine.
    GLUTATHIONE- (non essential amino acid) that helps detoxify your liver from toxins like
    cigarette, alcohol, formaldehyde and drugs. The amino acid N-acteylcystein (NAC) is
    converted in the body to glutathione and is the best choice for absorption. Food
    sources- watermelon, asparagus, avocados, oranges, peaches. Dosage- 300-600mg

    TRYPTOPHAN- essential amino acid- creates serotonin in body (an anti-depressent),
    which regulates mood, raises low blood sugar and acts as a non-addictive tranquilizer,
    counteracts compulsive eating, smoking and alcoholism. The supplement 5-HTP
    (safest tryptophan alternative available) can also be used to boost brain serotonin.
    VITAMIN B-1 (thiamine)- enhances mental attitude and morale. Promotes energy and
    supports the nervous system. Alcohol depletes thiamine (as does smoke and a high
    sugar diet). Deficiency results in insomnia, fatigue, confusion and poor memory.
    Thiamine is sensitive to heat and chlorine so avoid washing or cooking thiamine-rich
    foods in chlorinated water.
    Sources- asparagus, brown rice, beans, nuts, seeds, wheat germ, supplements
    VITAMIN B-2 (Riboflavin)-helps protect against drug and chemical toxicity but is
    usually lacking in diet, especially those who drink alcohol. Deficiency leads to anemia,
    hypothyroidism, diabetes, ulcers, cataracts, low energy, unmetabolized fats and
    carbohydrates and congenital heart disease.
    Good food sources- almonds, nutritional yeast, broccoli, green leafy veggies, eggs,
    As for the alcohol, the amino acid GLUTAMINE, and the herbs KUDZU ROOT (ge
    gen)or ASHWAGANDHA would be your best choices. They should be taken 3 to 4
    times daily and on an empty stomach at least 20 minutes before meals.
    Other herbs that help lessen the desire for alcohol and help detox are:
    Barley grass, Wheat grass,
    seaweed( any),
    St John's Wort,

    Passionflower hops-tea,
    EFA oils,
    Glutamine 2000mg,
    Tyrosine 1000mg,
    Acetyl Carnitine 1000mg daily reduces liver damage,
    Selenium to fight free radicals caused by alcohol
    Drink green and white teas to detox
    homeopathic- Nux Vomica
    note: kava kava has interactions with alcohol,
    FASTING is the best medicine of all. Some say it can cure almost anything. It's where
    you don't eat any solid food, only water or vegetable juices (do not drink straight fruit
    juice- too many concentrated sugars). Try for at least 3 days, shoot for a week. Many
    serious people live off nothing but vegetable and green juices for months and months
    and heal almost anything you can think of.
    Fasting is the best way to get toxins, poisons and waste out of your body and it gives
    the body a chance to heal internal wounds. Without a fast, the body never has a
    chance to do deep cleansing. During a fast, disease, parasites, tumors, lumps, and bad
    stuff has to compete for nutrients with our organs, and our body makes sure our organs
    win. Studies show no protein is lost during a 24 hour fast, only fat and bad stuff. Fasting
    helps get rid of weak old stuff and boosts the production of new cells.

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