Alice's Fungal Infection - A Tale of a Beautiful Synergy

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    What follows is an account, written in first person, of Swim's bizarre journey into Alice's rabbit hole...only this incredible tale puts a special emphasis on when Alice ate the mushroom. Within this account are examples of numerous psychedelic phenomena, that neither I, nor this individual can fully comprehend.


    Substance: LSD, Shrooms, cannabis, half a can of Mt. Dew, 150mg of Seroquel 23 hours prior (physiological half-life - 6 hours, so approximatly 9 mg...right?)
    Dose: 2 grams of good cubensis shrooms, 2 potent blotters, spaced out to help ease the transistion (second successful run at this combo)
    Time of ingestion: 10:00 p.m on Friday, February 26, 2010.
    Age: 23
    Body weight: 120 lbs., and in great physical health.

    Prior drug experience: All 2c-x compounds at varying dosages, countless shroom trips, numerous LSD experiments, and a couple DMT experiments, cannabis (frequent use off and on since the age of 14, recently turned into extremely moderate use), MDMA (a hand full of times over a couple longer partaking due to harsh crashes from bipolar disorder), Adderall (occasionally, off and on, since the age of first heavy use, then in moderation, not really used at all anymore), salvia extract (several times), cocaine (previously semi-heavily addicted for a period of 2 years...haven't touched in a couple years), Seroquel (currently prescribed for bipolar disorder that predates any drug use...cycles date back to like 4th grade, or earlier), opiates (haven't touched recreationally since about 9th-10th grade), benzos (not really interesting), and DXM (extremely frequent doses ranging from 200mg to over 900mg., over a period of 2 years starting at the age of 16...I would advise through experience to stay clear of heavy dissociative abuse).

    Set: Good mood. Just got promoted at work today, and all promotions within my first 90 days have been made official, and my pay has been substantially upgraded for my efforts. Plus it was an easy day, on top of all that...Hung out with my friends after work, and then decided to call it an early night to try an experiment, as nothing else interesting was really happening, and I've been waiting for the right moment to try this combo again.

    Setting: My house, with only my dog, my sanity, and my insanity as my companions on this particular journey.

    Experience: Is as follows...

    10:00 - Ingestion of 2 grams of shrooms, and one blotter.

    11:16 - Effects kicking in. Sparking up a bowl, and starting A Scanner Darkly.

    11:20 - 1 more blotter to ease me deeper into a more intense state of psychedelia...this was planned all along.

    12:00 - Kinda disappointed thus far...not sure what happened, doses were accurate, surely more is to come. Sparking bowl to help the progress.

    12:14 - The other blotter is definitely kickin in...definitely feeling the visual "warmth" of the shrooms, but with the clearity of's yet again an amazing combo thus far. Laptop battery died in the middle of the movie (laptop is connected to TV, typing on desktop)...was finally looking really trippy. Probably should've waited a little longer before starting it.

    12:20 - Movie is back on...

    1:24 - Movie has been over for bit. It seems like I've been wandering in my head for hours, but it hasn't been that long. I decided to look for another movie to pass the time while my thoughts run rampant.

    In typing this the backround keeps turning a redish pinkish orange, that sometimes morphs to a little more purple, and I'm seeing all sorts of patterns from the spaces between the words, and the patterns are continually changing, but I'm still able to read the words I'm focused on...absolutely stunning, both visually and mentally...not sure how I'm reading, or if I'm actually even seeing what's there and not just what I think I typed. (note: this was all pretty much jumbled together at the time...I've edited in the paragraphs and blank spaces between time intervals)

    1:33 - Started watching Hellboy 2, then decided to put on Apoctalyptica - The Unforgiven to help the thoughts flow...the visualizations on Milkdrop 2 are really trippy.

    1:45 - Connecting ideas in my head...discarding all seemingly illogical connections, telling myself, "wait, no, that doesn't make sense." Until I find something worth jotting down for later analysis. And as I immediately discard the thought's I deemed meaningless, a thought comes to mind of a video I watched about H.M.'s brain, and how we're finding chemicals that are released that erase memories...I can't help but wonder of these chemical's implications as all these thought processes take this memory of a video on H.M's brain is associated with my current line of all the irrelevant associations get discarded as they're deemed retarded through my own currently twisted logic, that somehow is trying to make sense of all of this...(and down the rabbit hole I go into confusion)

    There are so many colors...

    1:52 - We're all different, and it's our differences that play our role in society, yadda, yadda, yadda...been there before, still interesting enough to contemplate during a trip though.

    ?:?? - I don't know if I'm on the right track in life, all I know is I'm driven to learn about that which I do not understand, evolving, hopefully, to a greater level of understanding than previously before, and since I don't understand existense above all else, I just keep piling in every bit of information presented, while trying to walk this fine line between intuition and logic to come up with unique concepts, hypotheses, or propositions, to put to emirical evaluation, while still piling in more information, having faith (whatever that is) in my brain to make sense of it all and connect the right ideas together...and this is why I decided to start piling in information regarding epistemology (the study of knowledge). I'm starting to grasp the concepts of this intriguing philosophy, but I'm still having trouble relating the priciples to my own logic. Much of the stuff, to me, seems like it'd be common sense, but I like the idea of systematizing my understanding of how I come to know that what I believe holds any level of's a lot to remember...a lot of cramming, but I'm sure it's for my benefit, and my lack of understanding fuels my curiosity, and obsession to progress towards greater knowledge...This obsession drives me towards evolving to a greater understanding, so I cram (thought loop...*cycle broken)

    2:28 - Finally decided it was time to quit listening to Apoctalyptica's "Best Of" alblum, and put Hellboy 2 back on.

    4:08 - Shrooms are wearing off, Hellboy 2 is about was alright, probably could've found a better movie to occupy my eyes while my mind wanders, but it served it's purpose.

    4:30 - It's like watching the warm, deep, vibrant colors of the shrooms fade away, but the visuals of the LSD still remain. LSD still does some things with color, but nothing like shrooms do. It's strange how I can visually sense each individual chemical, despite the fact they're working off the same receptors. I'm curious as to how that's far too obivous to be a placebo...I'm comfortable enough with both chemicals to know the differences between their effects. Is it just the half-life differences, combined with their differing affinities, and efficacies? I suppose Occam's razor would lead me to suspect this proposition holds more truth than any others that come to mind...but my understanding is limited to my knowledge on the matter, and my knowledge is still pretty limited, compared to someone who's educated in pharmacology.

    Despite the fact I still have the LSD to keep me occupied, I'm sad to see the shrooms are fading...I'm sure all you experienced psychonaughts know what I'm talking about. It's always sad to watch the beauty fade away.

    4:55 - I feel as though I'm in the afterglow almost, but stuck still with the dieing effects of the LSD. This feeling may in fact just be a placebo, as I know I'm reading into it at this point...interesting, but who knows if it's even relevant.

    The words on the screen are just barely holding together now...they aren't arranging themselves in geometric patterns any longer...I think I'm going to read through this now, and do a quick clean up.

    6:12 - Finished editing...everything is still intact though.

    Still in the grasps of the Mad Hatter and his logic, but I'm working my way back to reality.


    Sorry, to cut this story short, but I think you all have some idea of how he finds his way back out of the rabbit's hole, so I'll spare you the more mundane details.

    P.S. As a final addition to this post, let me just inform you all that this psychedelic person reached his LSD afterglow phase, with barely any visuals left, at 8:46 a.m.. He still felt a little disoriented, but it was pretty much just an afterglow, according to his account.

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