All Day Sucker

By SticksNstones · Nov 14, 2013 ·
  1. SticksNstones
    I loved my all day sucker
    He was a great fucker
    He could suck lick & fuck til days end
    You took my all day sucker
    And I thought you were my friend
    Just because I told you
    He bathed me in oils &
    Loved my every curve
    Didnt mean go out & try it
    Bitch you got some nerve
    All I've ever wanted was a man
    To lick my body til it overflowed
    Seems like you couldnt stand it
    The way I smiled
    The way I glowed
    I loved my all day sucker
    Like a baby loves the nipple
    Never thought I'd lose him
    How could I be so simple?
    But I've learned my lesson
    Next time I get an all day sucker
    I'm not telling you
    Or any other motherfucker!

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