Alleged door-to-door pot seller picks wrong home

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Alleged door-to-door pot seller picks wrong home

    BROWNSVILLE, Texas — A 19-year-old man was jailed on a drug charge after he allegedly went door-to-door trying to sell marijuana. A Brownsville police spokesman said Anthony Carrazco's alleged scheme went awry when he knocked on a police officer's apartment door.

    Spokesman Jimmy Manrrique said the episode happened Thursday downtown near the University of Texas-Texas Southmost College campus. He said Carrazco appeared to be intoxicated and allegedly had three ounces of marijuana with him that he tried to sell door-to-door. Finally, Manrrique knocked the off-duty police officer's door. The officer "said he would be right back and went to get his badge and handcuffs."

    Manrrique said the officer, whose identity was withheld, also found a handgun hidden on the man. Carrazco remains in a Cameron County jail with bonds totaling $10,000. No attorney was listed in his booking record.

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  1. kailey_elise
    Omigod, that's just fucking precious.
  2. semaj
    you have to be either extremely cocky/f-d up/stupid, or some combination thereof to try this bs, not to mention extremely unlucky.

    no matter how desperate swim was, swim doesnt think he would ever have the balls to go door to door attempting to find someone intersted in scoring some bud.
  3. gmeziscool2354
    u could go door to door in a college dorm and most likely have no ill come from it, if you knew the doors of the squares/ RA's, but an appartment complex, epic fail!
  4. Bendah!
    That is an incredibly dumb idea.. Selling pot door-to-door... Especially in the U.S.
  5. metalupyour455
    This was a very entertaining read, not gonna lie :laugh::applause:
  6. bcubed
    He needed a backup plan.

    I mean, start off with some vague allusions to getting high...see how receptive the person is...and if it starts to go south, quickly switch into Jehova's Witness mode:

    "Uh, what I mean sir, is have you considered the fate of your eternal soul lately? Here's 47 copies of the Watchtower for you to read as you ponder that thought."

    Nothing's better at ending a conversation quickly...

    (P.S. being humorous here; dumb idea however you slice it.)
  7. Birkill
    That is the silliest ting ive ever heard, i mean fuk me im suprised the non pc house owners didnt call the police anyway, i wonder if he actually got any sales this way!?
  8. old hippie 56
    In Brownsville, most likely.
  9. gregzy
    Could of atleast asked if it was a cop first
  10. MiMoMo
    Quite evident that this young man was a forward thinker, a 'budding' entrepreneur very ahead of his time. No doubt an advocate of legalization, this pioneer attempted to forge his own path through the primeval jungle of antiquated thorny brush. On the way to the promised land, sadly, he encountered a prehistoric predator and succumbed to draconian fangs. He is to be commended for offering door to door service, a traveling salesman. Some might liken him to a doctor of old, making house calls, providing home delivery of medical tonic. Surely, he must have had quality wares and probably offered free sampling. SWIM grieves for his predicament and vows to wait patiently for society to advance, all the while listening for that reggae knock, knock, knock on the door signifying that the yum-yum ice cream man is here! Deelish...
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