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Alligator, marijuana found in car at Yuma checkpoint

  1. jholmes800
    Yuma Border Patrol agents found an alligator stashed in the suitcase of a California man who was on his way to Phoenix.
    The agents found the four-foot, four-year-old cayman alligator during a routine checkpoint search on Interstate Eight on Thursday night
    Agency spokesman Lloyd Easterling says a drug-sniffing dog became alert near the man's car. Inside, agents found thirteen grams of marijuana. Then they found the alligator.
    The man -- whose name was not released -- was cited for possessing restricted wildlife and was taken into custody by the Arizona Department of Public Safety in connection with the marijuana.
    Possessing restricted wildlife is a Class Two misdemeanor and carries penalties of up to four months in jail and up to 750 dollars in fines.
    The alligator is being evaluated by the Phoenix Herpetological Society and likely will end up in a zoo or wildlife park.



  1. Trebor
    "The alligator is being evaluated..." For what? To check it's purity? It's weight and street worth?
  2. darawk
    What, you've never smoked gator before?
  3. Trebor
    Swim hasn't. Good shit?
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