Altered States

By chemlove · Jan 8, 2008 · ·
  1. chemlove
    I (finally) had an opportunity to see a classic movie that (somehow) slipped through my grasp for far too many years. Altered States was presented to me by a friend and I was told i had to see it. So what else to do but get it in the player and boy I had no idea for what i was about to get myself into.

    I really enjoyed the movie and wanted to see some other peoples idea of the movie. I have to watch the movie again (and maybe a third time) if I really want to make a good opinion of its core thoughts and scenes.

    If anyone has anything they love or things that really made them think i would love to hear more from you as I intend on giving the movie another go either tomorrow or on Wednesday.

    One question i was hoping could be answered is when he is in the zoo and on this "trip of sorts" is he actually in the form of pre historic man or is it his mind replicating the image in his mind. I know the security guards say they see a monkey so it threw me for a bit.

    Hope some others can help me better grasp this movie that I really enjoyed watching.

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  1. savingJenniB
    I believe I saw it 3 X's.
    Everytime it was different.
  2. grandbaby
    Someone I know actually had that trip — before he saw the movie! he went back to being a single-celled organism and experienced all of human evolution. When he came back he was both exhausted — it's a lot of work, evolving! — and exhilarated. Not to mention a bit shellshocked. So he has a special affection for the movie, even though (as well as he recalls — it's been a while) it was not exactly a cinematic masterpiece.
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