Am I Missing Something ?

By Stell22 · Jun 12, 2016 · ·
  1. Stell22
    Story of my life
    I get it too late
    I loose it
    I dont get it
    I lost it
    There is something missing in my brain
    Lots of frontal lobe damage I am told
    But I think it has always been so
    Am I missing that stable gene ?
    The one that keeps us normal
    Oh to be normal
    As I overthink I miss small details
    Story of my life...

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  1. Stell22
    Am I missing something today....
    Yes my Burp...
    Thats what I am missing
    CT off it day 2 today
    expecting worse by day 4 now
    The ol brain is fudging along somehow in very slow mo
    Fingers feel light and heavy on the key board :thumbsdown:
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