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  1. Docta
    View attachment 32836 Deadly ‘legal highs’ are being sold on Amazon. Despite warnings from campaigners, the online shop is selling salvia and describing it as ‘more powerful than LSD’. Nitrous oxide and poppers, which can be similarly lethal, are on sale as well. Maryon Stewart, whose daughter Hester died after taking the drug GBL, wrote to Amazon last month, asking it to withdraw the products along with drug pipes, bongs and scales.

    • Internet giant is selling salvia, despite warnings from campaigners
    • Nitrous oxide and poppers are on sale as well
    • Maryon Stewart, whose daughter died after taking GBL, wrote to Amazon
    • She has asked it to withdraw the products along with drug pipes and bongs
    • She has had no response but says it is 'utterly irresponsible'

    She has had no response and last night said: ‘It is utterly irresponsible that Amazon is selling this stuff and tantamount to an endorsement.
    ‘Amazon is a trusted brand and if it is selling something, it is likely to mislead young people into believing it’s safe.
    ‘We all know these products are not safe and people taking them are playing Russian roulette with their lives and mental wellbeing.’ EBay does not allow legal highs or drugs equipment to be sold through its site because it says they may ‘cause harm’.

    View attachment 32838 But packets of ‘pure salvia extract’ are sold on Amazon Marketplace by a firm called John Strong Supplies.
    It boasts of providing ‘the purest extracts at the best prices in the UK’ and cites Press articles describing the psychoactive herb as ‘more powerful than LSD, and legal’.
    It states: ‘Salvia continues to be used by Mazatec shamans in its native Oaxaca for its spiritual effects, which last for five minutes and offer the shamans deep psychological effects.’

    A disclaimer says the £7.99 product is a ‘herbal incense for the home’ but customer reviews make clear what it is used for.
    One buyer said: ‘I can testify that this salvia is one of the best I’ve ever smoked. Buy, try, and fly high guys.’ Another praised ‘an amazing trip’.
    Drug experts warn salvia can trigger psychotic episodes, particularly in young people and those with mental health problems.
    It was linked to the death of Ryan Santanna, a 21-year-old film student who fell from a balcony in New York after smoking it in 2011.
    Harry Shapiro of the charity DrugScope said that, at high doses, salvia has similar effects to LSD, triggering hallucinations and distorting time.

    ‘There is the danger with hallucinogenic drugs that people can injure themselves because they are seeing something that isn’t there,’ he added.
    ‘There is the very odd case of people who believe they can fly. And, of course, people can just get scared by whatever it is that they see.’
    Nitrous oxide – known as laughing gas – can cause seizures, heart attacks and strokes.
    Last year public schoolboy Joseph Benett, 17, died after inhaling it with his friends.
    He suffered a heart attack and brain damage.

    Nitrous oxide is widely abused as a middle class party drug and by students looking for a quick high.
    It is often inhaled directly from party balloons.
    Alarming side-effects include hallucinations, seizures, blackouts and incontinence. Drug experts warn it is especially dangerous with alcohol.
    Amyl nitrate – known as poppers – is also on sale on Amazon as a ‘bottled room aroma’.
    But the product descriptions make clear its intended use, 'working its magic’ with ‘heightened mood sensations’.
    The Government’s drug website warns that poppers can cause death by reduced oxygen to vital organs. In June 2011, Eric James, a 46-year-old married father, died after inhaling amyl nitrate on Clapham Common.

    It has proved impossible to prosecute over the sale of poppers because sellers can claim the product is a deodoriser.
    Nitrous oxide can also be sold legally because it is used as a pressurised gas for spray cream cans. Government drugs advisers considered – but did not call for – a ban on salvia in 2011.

    Last night a spokesman for Amazon said: ‘All sellers on Amazon Marketplace must adhere to our guidelines in relation to the products that they make available for sale on our web site, and we use a variety of methods to ensure compliance.
    ‘We act quickly to remove any items that contravene our guidelines and take appropriate action with the seller in question.’
    Last night salvia and nitrous oxide were still widely available but it appeared Amazon had acted to remove amyl nitrate.
    Mrs Stewart runs the Angelus Foundation which raises awareness of the risk of legal highs.

    11 May 2013


  1. Alfa
  2. RoboCodeine7610
    Deadly Salvia? Who the hell wrote this? And I'm sure amazon isn't selling GHB or GBL, just salvia divinorum, nitrous oxide (which you can get from canisters of whipped cream, and is sold for such anyway) and some popplers.

    I swear to god, I don't understand why in an era where you can have wireless, instant access to pretty much all human knowledge with a device that's thinner than a magazine people are still so ignorant. I mean; if drugs/pharmacology isn't something you're interested in then I understand if you don't know shit about the subject; but how the hell do you write an article on drugs and not do a 15 minute google search to get an idea of what they are?

    Why can people spend hours on facebook talking about what they had for lunch today but not have the curiosity to tap into the greatest and most extensive source of knowledge in human history?? Just for 10 fucking minutes a day?

    I literally do not understand what the point of living without curiosity is. Just hang out, whatch tv and listen to your gf/wife bitch about her day before getting old, losing bodily functions one by one and just dying?

    I'll never get that,

  3. hotdogfrenchfries
  4. SpatialReason
    Salvia Divinorum won't kill you. It will scare you to death in the figurative sense however.

    Still, as we all know, any drug can kill you...

    For the humor:
    I can drink ten cups of coffee and get excited, giddy, and stick my hands up onto 15kV bus at a plant. So shall we ban coffee in this scenario? Why, yes! That deadly stimulant can't be given to people. They get overzealous, work too intensely, and don't pay attention to details when they work with that level of energy! They get all crazy and sleepless... Think about it! Those college students are dangerous when on that Red Bull. They can crash their cars into people after studying all night! My god! We need to stop all of this! It's for the children! THE CHILDREN!

    *waves arms*
  5. Mind_Expansion
    It appears that Salvia Divinorum products have now been removed from amazon, nice one daily mail..
  6. Docta
    The article itself is a prime example of how propaganda is applied, the guilt by association with other more well known substances such as GHB has Salvia Divinorum tared with the same brush so to speak. This is how small untruths mixed with other facts taken out of context are used by special interest groups to make huge multinational company's bend to there will.

    Its the old saying of " Never Let Facts Interfere With A Good Story"
  7. themoonisred
    i agree with you dude, first find out info on the "DRUG" salvia or any subject for that matter, then post your thoughts and info relating to that topic, salvia is not deadly drug that most people tend to think about it like such, bath salts is something deadly but cmon not salvia
  8. MikePatton
    LMAO, there's no better way to get people on your side than using "the children" card, what a dirty dirty trick. So they claim that, since some dude jumped out of a window under the influence of Salvia, it should be banned. How many people jumped out of a window under the influence of alcohol???
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