American Sheepdom

By The Dreamer · Aug 21, 2008 · ·
  1. The Dreamer
    People complain about big business and unfair treatment all the time. You hear them going on about it at work and at school and on the news. But we're the people right? Aren't we in control of America? We treat Europe and the rest of the world as if we invented Democracy. But do any of us even know how our democracy works? Are any of us citizens in the Greek sense?

    No, we're sheep. We sit each day and abstain from knowledge; we neglect to actually care about each others causes. We sit and get fat on the poisons that big business sends us in little plastic bags. Until we can rise up and inform ourselves we will continue to be at the mercy of American Aristocracy.

    Businesses run on a simple form of evolution. The ones that survive continue to control the market; the ones that don't survive, don't. So if you can rip people off and make more money doing it then that's what the market will look like. Eventually the American people through their inaction may select for themselves a communist coalition of businesses that - through lobbyists - are the real citizens of America. But until people accept the real power that each of us has in a Democracy we will continue not to be one.

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  1. Fight Club
    NIK accepts, NIK accepts! What does he do next?

  2. The Dreamer
    Well, FC, my plan is to educate myself in everything that I can. I don't want to get caught up in 'causes' because that usually gets people all excited about that one issue, which is only a small temporary one. Once a 'cause' has been achieved it ends and everyone is stupid again. Plus, people who get excited about causes are usually just following an elite few anyways. What we really need is an educated, caring, active public using the power its been given. That has to be the cause and then other causes will fix themselves.
  3. Fight Club
    I agee. But it seems that few people either possess the intelligence or make the time to understand complex economic or geo-political issues, must less a reasoned and comprehensive understanding of the "Big Picture".

    FC is attorney, CPA and business consultant with 25 years business experience and 48 years "real life" experience. If it's hard for me to get my arms around some of this stuff, I imagine it would be nearly impossible for someone with less knowledge, experience, or time on their hands, don't you think?
  4. The Dreamer
    I think understanding in the way we usually attain it and understanding in the way you and I are describing are two very different things. Perhaps it is possible to have a great deal of the first without really attaining any of the second.
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