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  1. Mick Mouse

    Whether you are from this country or live elsewhere, sometimes you just have to wonder what in the hell makes them/us do some of the things they/we do? I mean, seriously!

    We involve ourselves in all areas of the world, as if we are the actual owners and "you-all" are just the tenants (and are probably late on the rent, at that!), We automatically assume that our wealth and power gives us the right to dictate to others, force our way into leadership roles on the world stage, and try to force our notions of right and wrong on the rest of the world. And believe us, it is always done with the best intentions. Maybe not yours, but hey, you can't always win, right? Well, unless you are us, of course.

    We have the most litigation per capita of any country in the world, and we put more people in prison or under some form of supervision than the next five biggest countries combined. Well, unless you count the so-called "third world countries" like Mexico and Columbia, then it is only the next three biggest. But we are free! And we want to make you that way too.

    It is not all bad though. There are several things we do, and do very well. Better than anyone else in the world, for that matter! For instance, we as a nation give more in charity than anyone else. Ever. And we give it to everyone! Not government loans and grants to other countries, but charity. Me, and you, and hundreds of thousands of others like us, who reach into our pockets and part with our hard-earned dollars, to help others. We do that pretty good. And acceptance. We don't really care where you come from or what color your skin is, all we care about is if you work and make money. Oh, in some places, the color of your skin is still a barrier, but those places and fewer and fewer all the time. We don't really care about your religion or your beliefs, nor do we really care about your politics. If you are a radical anything, we will bust a cap in your ass, but for the most part, we accept commies, pinkos, and fags (it's a reference to an old song, so don't get all butt-hurt!) now. I guess we still do acceptance pretty good. They say our kids are getting dumber than in other countries because of the school system, but everyone still wants to come here and go to school. They still steal our shit, like scientific and technological beasties that it seems only we can come up with.

    But I digress. The question is why? Why do we act the way we do? Some have called it a "cowboy culture" and say that we base our outlook on a limited and wrongly-perceived time period which has been romanticized out of all recognition. Others think that it is because we are, as a nation, "up-starts" on the world stage because we have not been around for hundreds or thousands of years, yet wield power and influence which is totally at odds with nations that have been around much longer. Manifest Destiny, in which we can take it, because we can and because God said so.

    All of these are no doubt correct, but I would like to add another possible answer to the list.

    It is because of the men who led our country during its formative and expansionist periods. Let me introduce you to just some of the men who led this nation, and what made them noteworthy as (then) current or future leaders of our nation.

    John Adams

    Adams passed the Alien and Sedition Acts in 1798, declaring that no citizen could say anything negative about the government or its officials, spitting in the face of the recently-drafted First Amendment. Obviously, us natives all had a good laugh at that one, but you foreigners were a bit worried. Especially when it was discovered that the driving reason behind Adams act was because of his intense dislike of the French, and this would allow him to deport those individuals!

    Barak Obama

    Upon learning the location of Osama bin Laden's hideout in Abbottabad Pakistan, Obama approved a potentially perilous military raid on the compound without bothering to inform the Pakistani government. On May 1, 2011, Seal Team Six was given the go-ahead and raided the location of America's #1 enemy of state, snuffing out the mastermind of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in less than an hour. And to think, he insisted that all of his friends call him "Barry" in college!

    John F. Kennedy

    After his patrol boat was split in half bu a Japanese destroyer in WWII, JFK swam for four hours while towing a wounded crewmate, his lifejacket strap clenched between his teeth. Oh yeah, to make it even more interesting, he did this after re-injuring a pre-existing chronic back injury, which deemed him medically unfit for military service. Must not have bothered him all that bad, because he went on to seduce several world-class beauties, including Marilyn Monroe and Audry Hepburn.

    Andrew "Old Hickory" Jackson

    My personal favorite for sheer audacity! Jackson loved a good duel and is estimated to have participated in 13 of them, showing at all times a complete and utter disregard for his own life. Jackson once allowed his adversary, Charles Dickinson, to take the first shot-taking a bullet in the chest, Jackson used one hand to stem the bleeding while he used the other to raise his pistol and shoot Dickinson dead. Years later, while miraculously surviving the first assassination attempt in the history of the U.S., a 67-year old Jackson had to be pulled off of his attacker after pummeling him to within an inch of his life with his hickory cane.

    Theodore Roosevelt

    As commander of an elite U.S. cavalry unit-the Rough Riders-in the Mexican-American War, Roosevelt led a daring heroic charge up San Juan Hill on foot. Decades later, while campaigning for a third term, he was shot in the chest during an assassination attempt and, recognizing that the wound was not fatal, delivered a 90 minute speech while bleeding from the chest before receiving medical attention. Some of his pets would eventually include a lion, a bear, and a badger.

    Harry S. Truman

    Months after succeeding FDR in the midst of WWII, Truman's decision to drop atomic bombs on Japan forced that island nations unconditional surrender, in theory averting the deaths of hundreds of thousands of American lives. And you just HAD to fuck around with the sleeping giant!

    George Washington

    America's first president is seen as not only a great general, but quite possibly a demigod as well! While leading battles from the frontline, he usually returned from the carnage, his uniform peppered with bullet holes and often in need of a new horse, but always completely unharmed. While undoubtedly brave, his street rep is due more to being in the right place at the right time and having an excellent PR department than it is to his generalship!

    John Quincy Adams

    Late into his old age and as part of his daily fitness regimen, Adams would swim across the Potomac River and back, completely naked, even during winter. It may have been said that his presidency lacked balls, but that was only after his swim!

    Thomas Jefferson

    While serving as the third president, the official author of the Declaration of Independence jumped at the opportunity to purchase the Louisiana Territory-without waiting for congressional approval or authority-from financially desperate, war-torn France, in essence doubling the size of the U.S. for less than five cents an acre. After sending Lewis and Clarke out to explore the new frontier, the explorers brought back two grizzly bear cubs that he kept as pets. Just overlook the whole flip-flop he did on the issue of slavery!

    James Garfield

    Ambidextrous and fluent in seven languages, Garfield could write in Latin with one hand and in Greek with the other-simultaneously! James who?

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  1. ianzombie
    Great Blog TR, i really enjoyed reading it.
    The Blog section is a part of the site i rarely delve into, but im glad i did.

    Apparently America ranks 5th as far as charity goes, tied with Switzerland. This is based on the last polls done in 2009. Australia and New Zealand are at the top of the list, Ireland come in 3rd.
    Obviously its not just based on the overall amounts donated, but on the amount in relation to earnings and per capita.

    Very interesting story about JFK, just when i thought i could not think any higher of the guy :)

    Im looking forward to reading part 2. :thumbsup:
  2. Mick Mouse
    I just saw a thing on CNN about charity, and they were claiming that the US ranked first. I guess it might depend on what metric is used as a measurement though
  3. CaptainTripps
    Although not charity in the traditional sense, America gives the world something of great importance and that is stability. Make no mistake the cost to the American people is enormous. While the standard of living in the US is relatively high, it could be much higher if we did not take on the role as protector of world stability. We pay high taxes and forgo things like universal health care to do this.

    Look at the United States Navy. Except in a few off the wall places, the oceans are free and safe to travel. This benefits all nations, as the bulk of world trade takes place on the oceans. For practical purposes the US Navy is more powerful than the rest of the worlds combined. Except for protecting ones territorial waters, why would any other nation need a navy? Our navy protects the rights of travel of all nations, even our adversaries.

    Look at the nuclear deterrent. Other than ending World War II, nuclear weapons have never been used. Why? Because the use of nuclear weapons against the United States or our allies would be suicide. Also the world knows we are not predisposed to using our nukes in an aggressive way. Although nations like the United Kingdom and France maintain token nuclear arsenals, they have been spared having to pay for an arms race, because they are members of NATO and the United States has taken on the responsibility of protecting the free world. If you live in a country like Canada you can afford universal health care because you are protected from attack by the most powerful military in the history of the world. Canadians sometimes are resentful that Americans seem to view Canada as some kind of US territory. That is their right, but they should keep in mind that others countries that would do them harm see it the same way. I can not speak for all Americans, but to me if Vancouver is attacked, it does not matter if it is Vancouver B.C or Vancouver Washington. Either way WE have been attacked.

    That being said I am of the opinion that now that the cold war has ended, I think America should start taking care of domestic issues and let other countries step up and help provide for the stability of the world. If we focus on our national defense and not the defense of the free world we could afford to take care of our own people. Less interference in the affairs of others and less aid as well. Maybe if we stopped giving so much to the rest of the world, we would not think we had a right to do whatever we pleased. I wonder if such a policy would lead to less resentment toward us. My guess it will create more.
  4. ianzombie
    The overall amount of money given, divided by the amount of people in the country.
    The average amount of money given per person, against the Average wage.

    No one else does anything.
  5. Buzybee
    Speaking from an Aussie perspective we have always been in absolute awe of the US and don't think for a moment I'm being sarcastic its been a national obsecession with causes, wars and from hoola hoops to Justin Bieber (don't think we deserved Justin) Even today it's all over our media with your elections.

    We Aussies like to support causes of all kinds heck we gave the world Julian Assange. History has a really nasty habit of repeating past mistakes - racial, gender, religious, famine, torture the list goes on.....
    At least you guys stand up for the count yes there's been some mistakes have been made, but you haven't been alone, I believe Aussies, kiwis,quite a few European countries have joined you.

    My point is do we just turn away from injustice, suffering and such because its not happening to us and repeat history yet again or make unconfortable choices. Political careers have been made and broken on just this alone its a hard one? Desperate humans make desperate choices and despite any desires I and fellow Aussies might have for our own selfish means I am in favour of helping and trying to better this old world.

    When I grew up in country aust many times my grandmother and,others of her generation told us young ones of how the Americans came here in the 1940s when it was desperate and fought to save our freedom and way of life, and believe it or not this is now part of our shared history and it is a good thing for it to be in children's history books - not glorification of war but how brave men who probably never knew of Australia or where it even was made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve peace, fairness and the ability to make your own choices and that's what makes the US. Apart from apple, IBM and everything else.

    We all get jaded and bombarded with negative information but I just wanted to let you all know that your good choices always pale your bad ones and don't become indifferent and quite, go forth! Make the difference for good it's the only things that matter when we have all passed to the next life. My hand is outstretched is yours? One person always makes the difference it just takes time. From BBee x.
  6. Mick Mouse
    @Ian-My friend, that is not true. Many nations do very, very much, and I never meant to imply otherwise! I was not trying to say that the US is "so much better" or anything else like that, I was just pointing out that we are very good at giving.
    @buzybee-interesting perspective! Thank you.

    So, in reply to these thoughts, I say this-Why do we (Americans) do what we do? To make a profit? Absolutely! To further our national interests? Without a doubt! To look good on the world stage? Of course, who doesn't like adulation?

    But how about this-because it was, and is, the right thing to do. Buzybee has brought up an issue to has relevance to her and her country, but look at it in a larger sense for a minute. Why did we help the Aussies? Or England, France, or anyone else in Europe, for that matter? Why do we pour billions into countries who have governments that actively attack us and our interests? Why do we put our children between you and your enemies? Why do we let you hit us, and then turn around and extend the hand of friendship? Why do we thoroughly kick your collective asses to hell and gone, and then not even wait until the dust and rubble settles before we are coming in with doctors and engineers and volunteers to start rebuilding our enemies homes and businesses and countries?

    Lets look at that for a minute.
    Germany-not only once, but twice! What the fuck were you thinking? But look at you now.
    Japan-seriously? An island, for gods sake! Where were you going to run to? What the fuck were you thinking? Sure, you have an excellent record of wins against bigger opponents, but this is the fucking Sleepng Giant you are dicking around with. But look at you now.
    Southeast Asia-You were successful in kicking everyone out, including us-which is something that nobody else can say-but we cheated. We left, but we left our ideas behind. Look at you now!

    Any other country that has decided enough is enough, and chooses freedom over tyranny. (Kurds, Afgans, Balkans) We are there.
    Any other country who has citizens that go hungry, even though their government opposes us. (North Korea, Pakistan) We are there.
    Any other country that has been devastated by a disaster and is lying in rubble. (Haiti, Micronesia) We are there.

    When the Great Evil arises, no matter what, where or when, we are there. Throughout the history of this country, Americans have always been willing to confront evil in whatever form it shows up in-dictators such as Hitler, Ghadaffi, Stalin, or Hussein. Diseases such as malaria or typhoid, or any of the other killers. Starvation and hardship such as you find all over the world.

    But the underlying reason is that it is because it was the right thing to do. Regardless of the cost.

    Sometimes you have to make a stand for what you believe in, or it doesn't mean anything. It often seems as if everyone in the world hates us Americans, but when the shit hits the fan, where do you go? Think about what this world would be like if we had an attitude like, oh.....lets say China. Or North Korea. Wouldn't the world be a wonderful place then?

    It is truly sad that, despite all of the good that we do, we are hated by so many. Often they hate us even as they are taking our help and assistance!

    Oh well.

    Oderant Dum Metuant
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