amphetamines I NEED HELP

By fakelondonboy · Oct 26, 2008 · ·
  1. fakelondonboy

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  1. savingJenniB
    If you need help ~
    Get help.

    Jerking off on the keyboard
    and screaming for help in cyberspace
    between hits will not get you help.

    Leave your dwelling ~ not to go to your connection,
    But rather to get yourself into a treatment program.

    There is help out there ~
    wherever you may live.
    You know it ~
    Go for it!
  2. takeyourmeds
    you'll find your reflection, in a window or a river... you'll see how old you've gotten, even though you are still young. you'll feel, you'll see, you want more, you were more, you are more. you'll discover... there could be something else, if you could only risk yourself to find it...
  3. sylenth
    any one can conquer anything they want too in this long time we live on this planet, deep down you know who you are & what you want realising the importance of it all. to let something as silly as amphetamines control you & blind you from your capabilities is pathetic & easily over come with will power & rational thinking.

    no one can help you but your self, swimmers here will support you in all the ways questionable & it can provide a certain comfort but no solution to YOUR problem which YOU choose to let break you down thinking you need it & are alone & weak.

    naturally you ca'nt expect results in days from such an addiction, so perseverance & determination is the key.
  4. savingJenniB
    Excellent advice sylenth!

    There are many resources on this site that can help.
    Narconon meetings are held regularly in nearly
    every community throughout the USA .
    Narconon (or any other rehab program) may not be your cup of tea, so to speak.
    But it is a bold step in the right direction.

    Breaking patterns ~ physically removing yourself from the locations
    and situations of "EVERY DAY FOR OVER 5 YEARS"
    is a powerful first step!
    Go to some meetings ~ even if you think it won't help.
    Even if you do not agree with their philosophy ~ you don't have to!
    It still works!
    Attending is an active physical message to your body ~ a break in the routine.
    Changing daily patterns and activities is essential.

    We can offer support, education, suggestions.
    But only you can make a change.
    This is your life. How do you wish to live it?

    Perseverance & determination are waiting for you at the door.
    Allow them to escort to a better place.
    Be strong. Life is good!

  5. enhancion01
    Rehab or not, if you want to quit you will. Just dont do it. Everytime you get high is what you wanted at that time. You got your way. If this was heroin or something really physically addictive then i'd understand the need to detox. That could even be deadly to just "stop". Meth isint like that. If you cant turn the bubble down when its in front of you, you need to quit going around it. If you want to quit bad enough you will.
  6. enquirewithin
    Try cutting down first and take it from there.
  7. fakelondonboy
    hi, iv split up with my girlfriend now, see left swim which is not at a good time, as swim trying to stop taking base, but swim has stopped for 2days now, well this is swims 2nd day, swim wants to show her what she will be missing when swim is better, swim is tryin so hard to stay positive, swim is thinkin about girlfriend alot as well as taking some base but swim wants to do this now, swim wants to better his life and not feel trapped like swim does.
  8. savingJenniB
    Good start!
  9. enquirewithin
    Keep on trying. It will take some time...
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