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Amritsar: India's Heroin Capital

By Terrapinzflyer · Jan 9, 2010 · ·
  1. Terrapinzflyer
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    Al Jazeera's Prerna Suri reports on the devastating effects of drugs in one of India's most holy cities, Amritsar.

    The city, home to the Golden Temple, a major site for the Sikh religion, highlights both the dangers of drug abuse and the drug trade. Its proximity to Pakistan and Afghanistan have created a city where seventy percent of young people are addicted to heroin.

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  1. johnnyyen
    SWIM was tempted to laugh at some of the rather odd claims in this clip, ie ''smack being a strong version of heroin''.. ''2 out of three youths being addicted''...
    not funny really tho'.. he does wonder about the purity of the heroin available to the citizens of Amaritsar...considering just how many times a weight of gear is stepped on and cut before it reaches the streets of the west,the heroin smoked in this clip must be very very strong which begs the question.. how bad must their w/d's be and what provisions for treatment are there in that city..?
    god help any of those users if they cannot raise the money to score..they must go through hell rattling..
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