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Amsterdam police want detergents added to opium list

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Free newspaper Sp!ts reports that the Amsterdam police want the government to add adulterated detergent powder and powdered peppermints to the list of substances banned under the Opium Act.

    Each year, Amsterdam police arrest about 500 dealers of fake drugs, most of them in the city’s red light district and its immediate surroundings. Most of the victims are tourists, who often end up being robbed as well.

    When caught for the first time, a dealer in fake drugs gets a 250-euro fine, followed by a 750-euro fine for the second time and after that the public prosecutor will seek a four to eight weeks prison sentence. A police spokesperson said a dealer in fake drugs can easily make 5,800 euros a night, “They do the arithmetic and become repeat offenders.”

    In addition to adding fake drugs to the list of controlled substances, the police also propose expanding the current system of imposing area bans to include bigger areas and for longer periods.

    Radio Netherlands Worldwide
    10 February 2011



  1. Moving Pictures
    so what, they just put dry laundry soap in a bag and sell it as drugs? Anyone who buys it is an idiot.

    Not sure but I think in the US, the penalty for selling fake drugs is the same as if they were real
  2. 80sbaby
    Yes thats true. You can be charged with imitation controlled substance, along with a few other charges they will add on. Which yeh, your not gonna get a fine for.
    Your gonna be in big trouble.
    But, if this wasn't the case for the U.S.., and they didnt have this law, i would bet there would be alot alot alot more fake drugs.
  3. mickey_bee
    Yeah, everywhere you go at night in the Red-Light district there's shady looking North-Africans trying to sell you 'drugs' or rob you.

    You'd be surprised how naive so many of the tourists are - they see the place as this playground of drugs and sex where anything goes - and subsequently get battered!

    Interesting story, but the amount of different things you can use to imitate cocaine or MDMA - the list is near infinite really. Especially when the person selling normally works in a gang who'll surround the person and effectively force them to buy whatever white powder their shifting.

    Shame though, the 'dam outside of the red lights is a great place, swim's been there many times.
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