Amy Fisher blames Ecstasy for 1992 attack

By radiometer · Apr 28, 2006 · ·
  1. radiometer

    Amy Fisher blames Ecstasy for attack

    Associated Press

    LOS ANGELES - The Ecstasy made her do it.

    Amy Fisher says she was strung out on the club drug when she shot her boyfriend's wife in the face in 1992.

    "I was using Ecstasy, a lot of Ecstasy," Fisher, nicknamed the "Long Island Lolita," tells "Entertainment Tonight" in an interview that was to air Thursday. "I had no control."

    Fisher was 16 when she visited the home of her much-older lover, Joey Buttafuoco, a car mechanic on New York's Long Island, and shot his wife, Mary Jo, as she answered the door.

    The drug made her feel "stronger and confident," she says.

    "I just did something totally irrational," Fisher says. "Believe me, rational people don't go to do something like that in the middle of the day. It's just insane."

    She served seven years in prison for the attack.

    Buttafuoco pleaded guilty to one count of statutory rape and served four months in jail. His wife survived the shooting. The couple remained together after the Fisher affair, but divorced after moving to California.

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  1. Pinkavvy
    Bullshit. How many times is she going to add to and change her story? fuck that bitch. I wonder if she made a deal with some government agency to add this to her story.
  2. Richard_smoker
    SWEET! Now, I wonder if Lifetime will have to run a movie that's full of DRUGS and HAPPINESS!!!?? :) instead of bullshit depression and loneliness!

    If XTC was involved, then they'll have to show girls that WANT IT! instead of ones that are always crying and moaning and acting like WEIRDO abused DRAMA-QUEENS with their smudged makeup and 80's hairdos... sobbing... and it's always some other person's fault for whatever's wrong with them.

    WAIT. I meant to say it's always some MAN OR TEENAGE BOY'S FAULT for everything they're always boo-hooing about! FUCK THAT SHIT!

    oh yeah, and this quote:
    are you fucking kidding me?? and she's OUT of prison now!?? Shit, she just told us in THIS interview that she's gonna do the exact same shit AGAIN except next time, it won't be in the middle of the day!
  3. kemistudent
    Rite.. MDMA makes people violent..riiiite. Whata joke.. and to think I wanted to bang this chick..
  4. Lunar Loops
    Errr, are we talking biblical bonking or mercy killing?
  5. snapper
    What is really weird is that she had plastic surgery to change her identity (along with a name change, I think) and after she shows her new ugly ass on national TV. Anyone notice the old man she's with. A little pathalogical, IMHO. I guess she's looking for daddy.. LOL

  6. The Doors
    Do we love people like this, we sure do! I mean, isn't it always the easy way out to blame drugs or other reasons, for you deliberate control of yourself. So many people do that, instead of accepting that they had a problem with themselves, truly is pathetic at times.
  7. Richard_smoker
    Yep. Someone go ahead and forward all this good shit over to the Lifetime Channel! They're gonna eat this shit up...
  8. Forthesevenlakes
    Oh, I cant wait for the Lifetime Original Movie: "From Ecstacy To Ex-Con: The Amy Fisher Story."
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