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Amy Winehouse's Ex-Husband Blake Fielder-Civil: I introduced Amy to heroin

  1. Rob Cypher
    Blake Fielder-Civil has admitted introducing tragic ex-wife Amy Winehouse to heroin for the first time.

    The singer’s former husband made the admission on Jeremy Kyle’s TV show where he appeared with mum Georgette and girlfriend Sarah. Blake confessed he was responsible for getting the Back to Black star hooked on drugs – but said he takes solace in the fact she was killed by alcohol. The ex-con said: “I’ve admitted that I was there when she did it the first time, yeah, it was my doing. I don’t know if she ever experienced it without me. The fact that makes it easier is alcohol was what killed Amy.”

    Blake recalled Amy’s first experience with heroin, telling viewers: “I'd taken it about three or four times, we were in a hotel in East London and I think I had about £10 of heroin with me, which is something I used to do after a club. I was smoking it on foil and she said, 'Can I try some?' I think I might have put up a weak resistance, the fact is whatever I said she did end up having some."

    And he admitted that he was filled with regret about that fateful moment: "That goes without saying, of course. I have to be really conscious about what I say because I don't want it to seem that I'm shirking responsibility. The fact is that of course I regret it; not only just because of the damage it's caused Amy and the loss of her life and the damage to her family, but also to my family and also to me. We've all gone through this addiction."

    He also claimed that he and Amy – who died on July 23, 2011, aged just 27 - only used drugs for four months of their relationship. When quizzed on whether it was love that fuelled their romance or just addiction to drugs he was quick to play down their usage of substances. He said: “Some people don’t know or don’t realise that as far as using heroin or crack goes – I mean the cocaine was recreational to be honest – out of the maybe six or seven-year relationship that me and Amy had on and off, there was drug use for about four months.”

    Blake said that for him, when he went to prison, was when things took a turn for the worse. He revealed: “It got a lot worse while I was in jail, when I got out I was told if I loved her I'd divorce her so I did. We agreed it would get everyone off our backs, but we'd probably re-marry. I was still in love with her.”

    And Blake opened up about how he reached a turning point when their drug usage started to have a more negative effect. He said: “It started to hurt me and it was more heart-breaking to see. She had a seizure and was taken to hospital... I put her on her side and called an ambulance. It was due to cocaine, when it happened I burst into tears, I was completely beside myself. It was the worst part of my life being with somebody that I love, having the opportunity of total happiness but being in complete misery."

    Blake also told how he found out in prison that Amy had died. He revealed: "The officers opened the door and said can you come with us. One of the seniors asked me a few questions, like if I was still married to Amy. Then he said Amy died earlier that day. For two or three minutes I was a bit pathetic, saying, 'It won't be Amy it will be someone that looks like her or a hoax.’ I made them show me six or seven websites. Each time I found it harder and harder to take on. I broke down and couldn't stop crying. Then I was put back in the cell. I had a good cell mate. He'd watched it on the news; he was crying and gave me a hug when I got back."

    And Blake admitted that prior to Amy's death the couple had been in touch and were planning a reconciliation - despite the fact he had a new girlfriend and a son. He confessed: "When I got discharged there was text messages on my phone from Amy. I don't know when they were from but there was one talking about being a godmother to Jack, we'd spoken about her visiting me and had an emotional phone call about how we were thinking about maybe getting together. She said her doctor had said, ‘You're never not going to be in love with Blake.’ I'd written her a letter saying I don't know what we'll do, I'll always love you."

    And when Jeremy said "The last words she said to you were 'You'll never lose me?'" Blake simply replied "yeah”."

    Feb 27 2013

    [pictured: Amy & Blake in happier times]



  1. source
    That's really sad, and from personal experience it seems to happen more often that our partners are the ones who provide us with the means to start using, especially heroin.

    Blake should not feel guilty or have any regrets for what happened to Amy. She was mature and responsible in her own right for what happened, especially for the day when she first smoked heroin. Maybe Blake should not have smoked it in front of her, but that happens, Amy Winehouse knew what kind of a guy he was and what he did. It's almost like a subconscious decision to decide to start a relationship knowing full well what habits he had. I still believe that was how it happened to me, I knew full well but still carried on, even though all the warning signs were there staring me right in the face.

    It's little consolation she died through alcohol and not heroin, the heroin added to all her turmoil and depression anyway which probably made her drink more than she used to.

    Sad story, sad ending to such an amazing talent.
  2. Cash.Nexus
  3. desparatepartner
    Cash- as far as i know, this show was recorded within the last few months, after blake came out of the coma.

    me and my partner watched this last week. my partner had confessed two days before that he had relapsed and was withdrawing. this hit him hard! dont know why but it did. blake spoke a lot of sense and fair play... changed my opinion of him! the things he was saying hit home.
    my partner has smoked h in front of me... does that mean im forced to start using... no! i knew before we got together what he was doing and even as a young naive teen, knew not to get involved with heroin and never had. amy was responsible for her own choices, i believe blake could have played it a little better considering he knew full well what it was like to be an addict and could have educated her a little better but none the less i still believe it wasnt his fault.
  4. Cash.Nexus
    OK desparatepartner thanks. I agree with you (and source) re Blake.

    Does anyone have an opinion why Amy got like that? I know she was not the first bright star to burn so fast, but really it's so poignant and tragic to see the transformation in the pics and interviews and media etc. Sounds like a cliche, but she could have had it all.

    It went beyond heroin and crack or even alcohol...laterly she just seemed possessed or profoundly disturbed, IMO. I can only imagine it was 'too much, too soon' and she wasn't secure enough then to handle rapid fame. The intensity and weirdness of being public property...IDK.

    I won't forget the impact of first seeing her in a glossy mag: big hair, daddy tattoo, lotsa kohl = WOW.

    She herself was a better drug than all the shit that killed her.
  5. desparatepartner
    it is tragic, within the space of a few years she went from being bright, bubbly, carrying some weight, a great singer and generally looking healthy to skeletal and generally not caring about was soo important to her when she first started out (ie slurring through performances).

    i dont think she expected she would become so well known in such a short space of time and agree it probably was a case of too much too soon. i also cant help but think that the resources she had such as vast amounts of money, contacts etc would have meant she had the means to become addicted quicker if you know what i mean.
    as for why she got like that... well who knows. her songs tell a lot about her i think, she was clearly carrying around a lot of emotional baggage, that and becoming so famous overnight may have pushed her to look for something to forget about things for a while, take some time out without having to think about things. she was only a year older than me and i couldnt imagine having that much responsibility on my shoulders. i dont think she wanted the fame tbh, she was an artist who in this day and age couldnt have anything private. i dunno, im probably wrong, but thats my impression of it all
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