An apology, thanks, and, why not, an update.

By Tinkerblah · Nov 18, 2015 · ·
  1. Tinkerblah
    I figure this is the best place for me to apologize for not following the forum rules. I let my spur of the moment ADHD trump the logic of checking Guidelines before my last stupid post. That's not an excuse. There are rules for a reason and I am glad they are enforced.

    The ironic part is that I follow ALL rules set for me in rl. There is food for thought there, me thinks.

    Anyhow, I shall be reading the forum rules and memorizing them! I probably should print them out, just in case!

    Since I was last here, I did a lot of soul searching to try and figure out what had me spiraling into such a dark place. I finally realized that after a few years of trying to be in management when I knew I wouldn't like it was like trying to hammer a square peg in a round hole. I'm a doer not a watcher. Fortunately, I have performed well enough as a manager that I am being allowed to step down into a non-management role at my company. It won't be easy since stepping down usually looks like failure to many people. But I have to trust my own instincts and start a new chapter in my career. Who knows? This might lead to, oh I don't know, a healthier lifestyle.

    Time will tell...


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  1. Cwb20022
    Well tinkerblah thats a really awesome blog. And an awesome name. Lol.

    It really shows a responsible maturaity level.

    I dont know the post your referring to but the fact that you can learn and move on is very cool. And i suspect your gonna be a great asset to the forums. And i just want to welcome you.

    Oh god "im a doer not a watcher" describes me to a T. And i Recently was just promoted to a supervisor position. Tbh i knew before i took the job i wouldnt like it and i would be doing way more work ontop of the 50-60 hours a week i already do.

    But i accepted. More because i was expected to. But im not an assertive or authoritive person.

    But i try my hardest. And damnit. Im good at it. Although it tires me out physically and mentally. I make a point to be the best fucking supervisor there. And i am told regularly how good im doing. But they dont know how much pressure its putting on me. And i wont tell them

    Im real happy you were able to take a step down. Again shows a real maturity level. That alot of people lack. Including myself. It takes alot to look at ones life and mistakes and say i was wrong and need to fix it.

    Also thank you sooo much for you donations. The newer member that are contributing is just awesome. So for that thank you.

    Hope to see you around the forums. I have a good feeling about you. ;)

  2. Tinkerblah
    Thanks, Chris. I'd like get more in depth but sadly I'm a few pills and shots over my limit, I should probably grab some coffee and get on my recumbent bike to sober up before bed. Best add some water as well.
    Thanks for your thoughtful response.
  3. Tinkerblah
    Ok, Chris, I'm in much better shape. Never mind what post as it was so obvious a mistake that I'd rather not revisit it.

    I think that a touch of humility is a good thing in a supervisor. I know I did a good job mostly because I understood my part on the team, not the power. I get the feeling that's part of why you are so successful at it.

    I'm going to be 50 in September and if I'm not going to start looking at my life now, then when? Sure, you will see Wasted!Tink around the boards as I work through stuff, but I do hope to be an asset as well.

    Many thanks for your kind words and welcome!

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