an excersize in letting go of my rigid rules -- A poem thingy

By Beyondcold · Apr 30, 2016 ·
  1. Beyondcold
    The sickness lies behind the eyes not of my kind seek truth and find malignant mass in higher cast.
    Fixed and paired, they outward stair. Our image bare and unaware.Faces false and eyes unclear their focus drives them far too near.
    Through their gaze see truth in haze.Truth of stone and truth of steel the darkness clear and final reveal.The eyes so real hide fatal ordeal.Tools in tow and courses set, bring death I hope they soon regret.
    A sideways smile and outstretched arm hide teeth in hope with cunning guile. A spark of hope lifts life from stone.My shaky frame stood straight again my unseen eyes met theirs less scorn.A comfort grew strength hope imbued.My tears of doubt ceased without a shout.I saw the dark deep in their eyes then teeth so sharp and red realized.
    My place so cold held truth so bold. I lay back down such familiar ground.My head now placed with peaceful face.My last exhale like mighty gale blew lies and vale.Black eyes turned grey to mark my day.Your eyes now tear with realized worst fear.Blade still in hand showed truth of man.You chose yourself and all your wealth.You wale and mourn my body torn.Your lies return innocence reborn.This thing you've done your only son.Your heart should break and guilt remake for I was not for you to take.This lesson learned might ease your ache but truth you leave now in your wake.

    I think this could work better if it was spaced and punctuated but I am terribly deficient when it comes to the rules and tools of written English. Constructive criticism and suggestions are very welcome and much appreciated. Thanks guys.

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