An experiment into the road to recovery

By highganja99 · Feb 25, 2016 · ·
  1. highganja99
    Hello Readers,

    I'm about to take you on an exploratory journey into the road to recovery, I am posing as a Heroin user who has recently moved onto Morphine in an attempt to get clean / obtain Buprenorphine therapy, interacting with drug and addiction services to see exactly what goes down.

    My failsafe is that I have never used Heroin whatsoever and have no intention of doing so. If Buprenorphine is prescribed the experiment will be terminated and disclosed.

    I am providing Morphine detection in urine via Poppy tea. My aims are to A - See how long, if at all, it takes to get anywhere near maintenance drugs, B - See what obstacles are thrown in the way of a user that wishes to recover, along with this will come any social and psychological observations I can make along the way.

    Day 1 -

    See drug recovery services for initial assessment, provide information as said above. I am told I will have to go to an NA meeting or other drug recovery related informal therapy sessions to qualify for further help, another appointment has been arranged in just over two weeks time, the earliest appointment available, also allowing me chance to go to an informal community recovery session.

    I have dosed up on Poppy tea for about 5 days up to this point, I will have to dose before the next appointment obviously. The poppy tea actually caused noticeable withdrawals, so dosed some Kratom tonight, I get two weeks clean now which is a relief.

    The next stage of this report basically relies on me going to the therapy sessions, it's not authenticity I'm worried about - I have an extensive drug history and real addiction issues - but more I really hate that sort interaction (it pushes you into users and abusers ready to take you off the rails and various forms of psychological manipulations that are quite unnecessary).

    If I make it to the therapy sessions I aim to keep myself relatively honest but not end up a sucker. (I really think these places are like shooting fish in a barrel, any psychological weakness displayed can be used against me, I really believe these type of sessions and the material brought up in them is prime for someone wanting to fuck with your habit / addiction).

    My observations so far are that this is not going to be very easy to stick to, even at this early point, alienation is setting in.

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  1. Beenthere2Hippie
    May I ask what your motivation for this undertaking may be, as it is not outlined in your blog?
  2. highganja99
    The motivation basically consists of too much time on my hands, delving into the recovery scene to see what challenges are involved in recovery, socially and therapeutically. I have never got involved with outside help in recovery before and want to see how effective it is compared to going solo and I'm interested in how forthcoming services are with maintenance treatment. The reason for choosing opiates are because it may involve maintenance treatment and social stigma, so far with the little experience I've gained, I've met some very thoughtful and sincere people who obviously want to help people reform from drug addiction. I want to evaluate how the system works strategically as well, to me timing is most important issue in resolving a drug problem like the one proposed, the more time left out in the wild, the more likely relapse. It's basically something for me to study independently now I have ample time on my hands.
  3. herioxone
    If your an opiate addicted person, and have the funds for subutex/suboxone it's fairly easy to get a prescription. I called a sub doctor and by 9am the next morning I was taking my first dose of suboxone. If you don't have the funds methadone is another option, which might cause somewhat of a problem since there are waiting lists, but still fairly easy. I was/am an iv heroin user who is on subutex, and just to let you know i had no problem whatsoever the two times i got in a subutex/suboxone program.
  4. herioxone
  5. highganja99
    I got given Methadone in the end but it cause severe urinary retention so I did stay on it for long.
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