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By Alfa · Jun 28, 2014 · ·
  1. Alfa
    Chat has always been an immensely popular function on DF. It adds a dynamic aspect and allows more personal contact. I have always enjoyed our chat meetings. As the site has grown in size and number of website users, so have the requirements of chat software.

    Some years ago it became clear that our software of that time could no longer hold up. Some chat meetings has up to 200 members chatting away. It was crazy, frantic but nice. Too bad that the popularity & activity would often put an unexpected end to the fun. Either the chat would start messing up or the server would give up on us. Errors and fixing never ended.

    So at the beginning of last year, we were lucky enough to receive donations to buy expensive chat software. Many thanks. You know who you are. :vibes:

    The new chat would not only end all our problems, but also get awesome functionality with it. And to top it off we paid the software company $500 to deliver even more cool functions and tighter integrations.
    How cool is that? Well, unfortunately it wasn't. Headaches galore!

    It turned out that the software was cool for small to medium websites, but our traffic of millions of users per month was way beyond what the software could deal with. It completely nuked our servers. Not a real problem I thought. Then just restrict the function to a select group of members: donating members. That didn't help at all, and it still nuked the servers.

    3 months later with numerous 'fixes', consequent server crashes later, many angry messages to the developers for messing up time after time and more than a few headaches later, there was only one conclusion. The software was a complete and utter fail. It would never run on our server.
    The only option was to remove it and wait for the next major version of it and see if that works. So I installed a simple chat function for the time being. Surely less good than the advanced chat we had. But that’s life. That next version (2014) still did not work, so it was time to ask for a refund.

    Instead the developers came up with an alternative plan: We would setup a dedicated chat server and run the software fully from there. This would not jeopardize the website and would (according to them) allow us to run our beloved chat functionality. Not only that, it would be fully SSL encoded. So I registered a dedicated domain, got us a cheap virtual server (VPS) for it, and setup a bunch of things they needed. They installed and setup the software and now we are working on the integration of the chat site into this website.

    I have no clue how it will go. Hopefully we may see that pretty chat bar appearing at the bottom of our screens soon. But it would not be a big surprise if this new adventure will lead to a new series of fails, site crashes and similar headaches. Hopefully it will work!!!

    So this is where we are with chat. If this fails we will go for something else.

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  1. TheBigBadWolf
    -thank you for this information,

    espescially for the members who did not get in touch with the pre 2013 software..

    Let's hope now that the developers know what they talk about when they say it would run on an extra server...&(

    Good luck for the integration into the site.
  2. Alfa
    Tests have begun. At this moment there is a malfucntioning chat bar visible to staff and donating members.
    It doesnt work, but hopefully we can get it to work with9out the site going down.
  3. Alfa
    The chat bar is now visible to all members, but not working as it should yet. P2P chat is working somewhat now. Chat rooms not yet. Its being worked upon.
  4. sexyhoneybee
    There was a tab labeled "chat" an hour ago. When i clicked on it i donated (which i intended to do when i got paid on the 1st....kinda low on funds at present. Dangit...i donated before i read this page...hahahahaha....can you tell i'm a newbie. Oh well. I think i'll start a thread. I haven't found one for my question, yet. But i promise i'll browse a little more first...just to be sure. I am trying to stay awake because my friend, Domino, needs to s/he took too much medication and is afraid that s/he may have overdosed. s/he takes prescribed oxycodone hcl. When i asked how much prescribed vs. how much did s/he take, i was alarmed. So we're buddying up and i'm going to keep an eye on him/her. Time to make a pot of Seattles Best #5. I'd really like a live person to coach me on how to help my friend. My google search of articles about accidental overdose and what can happen has me terrified for Domino. But i won't let on. Acting calm.:s but not really....yikes!
  5. marathonmel7
    Hey Alpha there are ads showing up on the drugs forum page. I click close and then they reappear. I'm not sure what's wrong but they are everywhere and on every page at least on my computer. Can you let us know what's going on? Thank you!
  6. D0pe
    Drugs Forum Should not Have Add's.. It is Very likely that you have Adware on your computer. You need to get a Anti Virus / Malware Scanner and get that stuff off your computer.. Firstly Though Go into your Settings and Clear your Browsing Data, Cookies, History, And Cached Data /Reset your Browser.

    Correct me if im wrong but im pretty sure that Drugs Forum is Strictly a No Add Site..
  7. marathonmel7
    Yeah it was my computer. I had to spend 169.99 to get it fixed but it's fine now. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  8. hookedonhelping
    Alfa, you have been holding down this ship for a long while with the help of benefactors. And at the current moment, but chat is fun, VOIP, is where it's at. Can you imagine various 8 member rooms filled with voice capable communication. We know this takes money. Everything is about the dung dung ditty dung dung. But in the end, how fun would it be to someday hear some of the voices I have met in person from this site, communicate, under encryption through my headphones, and security threats.. that would awesome.

    :vibes: chat? no biggie for now.:vibes:
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