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By PolySub · May 4, 2016 ·
  1. PolySub
    Hello Drugs Forum, my name is Jas (or PolySub, my username) and I am brand new to blogging. I hope to bring some interesting and informative entries for all of you to read, whether it be for entertainment, learning from my experiences, or simply getting to know me (all the while focusing on drug and ethnobotanical-related content). Please bear with me as I learn how to grow and focus my blog and its themes.

    I think a good start would be getting to know me, so read on! :)
    Age: 24
    Name: Jas (short for Jasper)
    Hometowns: Dayton, Ohio and Big Stone Gap, Virginia
    Education: I have my Associate Degree in Sociology with a minor in Criminal Justice. Currently am attending a new more prestigious university after transferring from the university where I received my Associate's Degree. I am currently working on bringing my Associate Degree to a Bachelor's in Sociology, before attending graduate school for my Masters. Consistently on Dean's List, honors, etc.
    Baggage and Struggles: Recovering Heroin addict. Suffer from Panic Disorder (a type of severe anxiety). Survivor of long-term child abuse.
    Employment: A [sometimes struggling] eBay small business owner. I also work freelance sporadically as both a Tarot Card Reader/Spiritual Counselor and a writer ( mostly of magazine articles, if speaking of only the writing I am paid for).
    Passions: Writing (prose fiction, screenwriting, educational articles, and lifestyle articles, also with a little bit of poetry under my belt). I have written three novels and am currently working on a fourth novel as well as two screenplays. I have had multiple articles and poems published, but haven't yet attempted publishing my novels (but I will in time). Sociology, with a focus on social problems, criminology, deviance, law, and social change. Filmmaking , I am currently working on two screenplays for my first ever feature length films, both of which I am set to direct and self-produce. Producing your own film with virtually no money to your name = :cry:
    Drugs of Choice: Ethnobotanicals such as Kratom and Cannabis among many others. Opiates, especially Heroin and Oxycodone. Benzos and Hypnotics of any kind. Hallucinogens especially Acid and Shrooms. Dissociatives especially DXM and Ketamine. Please keep in mind that while these are my favorites, it does not mean I use them all anymore. I have quit using several of these, and many others listed here are used medicinally. In other words, this was NOT meant to be a list of only recreational substances, nor of only drugs I still use.

    I hope this helps everyone get to know me and an idea of what my blog will be about. Please feel free to introduce yourself to me using the same self-made survey I used, or in your own style by commenting. I look forward to getting to know all of you!

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