Anderton blames delay on party pill bill on Greens

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    13 Dec 2007
    TV3 News NZ

    The bill to make party pills illegal has been delayed, allowing people to continue to popping them for at least another several months.

    While the news has been welcomed by party pill poppers and BZP retailers, it has left Jim Anderton and the Green Party arguing over the cause for the hold up.

    Anderton says the Greens have delayed the bill, because they would not let it pass while Parliament is under urgency.

    However the Greens are disputing that. “We were never asked to support this bill in urgency and he has never come to use about that,” Metiria Turei told 3 News. “He is blaming us for his failure to control party pills.”

    Anderton says the Greens have previously said any bill they oppose would not be supported under urgency, so that naturally applies to the BZP legislation.

    Retailers are welcoming the delay, saying that they will now have income for their families over Christmas.

    “I do worry that Christmas is time when party pills, drugs and alcohol are a pretty lethal cocktail,” Jim Anderton said.

    The bill will now come back to Parliament when it meets again next Friday.

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  1. Zaprenz
    Any SWIY know if the new bill is got any vague elements to it?

    or is it explicitly BZP + known piperazines from party pills?
  2. Thirdedge
  3. ~lostgurl~
    What differentiates a related piperazine from other piperazines?
  4. Zaprenz
    Well contrary to the media's understanding - piperazines are not a novel group of chemicals which only produce worming agents and recreational drugs. Piperazine is a rather simple molecular group which is found in many compounds. Viagra(sildenafil) is a piperazine but bears no similarity in pharmacological effects to party pills.

    So if they ban the compounds explicitly they will probably just name the compounds BZP, MCPP, TFMPP, PFPP, MEOPP etc and list them as their full chemical names.

    It is very possible they might have written instead an analogue law like in the U.S. or some catch all PEA clause like in the U.K. and thrown that in as well. SWIM would not have been surprised as party pill manufacturers are making it quite obvious they have replacements on the way (which they are already selling)
  5. Thirdedge
    They have specifically listed BZP and related Piperazines used in party pills including MCPP, TFMPP, PFPP, MEOPP. I imagine other Piperazines could be caught under the analogues act, however medicines such as viagra etc are exempt from being covered as analogues.
    Piperazine itself is already a medicine too.
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