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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    ISLAMABAD, Mar 25 (APP): Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) has seized 8623 kilogram opium, 3456 kg morphine, 1260 kg heroin, 84324 kg hashish, 1.8 kg cocaine last year. Talking to APP, Federal Minister for Narcotics Control Haji Khuda Bux Rajar said the ministry has achieved all targets set for the year 2010, and also announced a new Anti-Narcotics Policy. “During Hajj operation, 19 people were arrested from Peshawar and Islamabad who were carrying drugs,” he said, adding that prosecution rate is 90%. He said that in special courts established by ANF, three persons were given death penalties and 278 life imprisonments during 2010.

    The minister said that more than 2389 persons were arrested in drug-relaetd cases in the country in which 246 foreigners were included during last two years.

    He said to make jails free from drugs, Ministry of Narcotics Control has established drug treatment centre in Adiala jail where 95 prisoners have been given treatment so far.

    Highlighting the recent achievement of Ministry of Narcotics he said ANF has started launching operation in FATA which provincial was not allowed.

    In first joint operation with FC, ANF ceased 31.266 tons Hashish on December 8. The efforts and initiatives taken by Ministry of Narcotics Control have been appreciated by the cabinet, said an official of the ministry.

    “International community has also expressed their resolve to continue supporting Pakistan in combating the menace of drugs,” he said.

    He said that in compliance with the policy guidelines given by Prime Minister, a new Anti- Narcotics Policy 2010 was prepared after consultation with all relevant stakeholders which was approved by the cabinet on July 2010.

    An official of Narcotics Ministry added that Anti-Narcotics Policy aims at re-energizing existing coordination and control mechanism and mobilize the people of Pakistan especially youth and institutions to ensure their active participation in eradicating drugs.

    He said the policy also focuses on drug supply reduction, demand reduction and promotes international cooperation for mutual support and partnership against drugs.

    “MoU signed with United Nations Office on Drugs and (UNODC) four year Country Programme (2010-14) on June 17, 2010, supporting ongoing initiatives in illicit trafficking and border management, criminal justice and drug demand reduction,” he said.

    He said a five year Drug Control Master Plan (2010-14) has been prepared by Ministry of Narcotics control in consultation with United Nations Office on drugs and Crime (UNODC).

    He said the objectives of five years master plan includes control of production and trafficking of narcotic substances, limit smuggling, trafficking and distribution of illicit narcotics and psychotropic substances and precursor chemicals, check the increase in drug demand and achieve reduction in number of drug addicts through prevention, treatment and rehabilitation measures.

    Ministry of Narcotics control also established Planning and Monitoring Unit (PMU) to evaluate and monitor the ongoing projects being implemented under the Ministry. This unit will coordinate and monitor the projects being implemented by SDU,P&D Department, Government of NWFP, ANF, UNODC, NAS and other donor agencies. He said to enhance international cooperation in drug control, Pakistan signed MoUs with Russia and Australia bringing the total number of MoUs signed to 29. Pakistan is also a signatory to all UN and SAARC conventions on drug control.

    Pakistan also hosted 4th Triangular Initiative Ministerial meeting on 24-25 November 2010 in Islamabad. Interior Minister and Secretary General of Drug control Headquarters Iran, Eng. Mostafa Mohammad Najjar and Minister for Counter Narcotics of Afghanistan, Zarar Ahmad Muqbel participated in the meeting.

    Triangular Initiative operationally engages Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan in finding field oriented solutions to the transitional threat posed by drug trafficking from Afghanistan.

    During the meeting a comprehensive action plan was prepared to curb the menace of drug trafficking. The action plan was presented in presence of Executive Director UNODC, Yury Fedotov.

    Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) Academy has been established for the capacity building of the officers of ANF which would start functioning soon and has been designed to be a centre of excellence for the region. The first model course would start in couple of months.

    Ministry of Narcotics Control is keen to help province in developing infrastructure against drug traffickers. He also informed that Education Ministry has approved anti-drugs messages and content to include in next curriculum.

    Ministry of Narcotics Control is also developing a booklet for teachers which would be distributed by education department so that teacher could create awareness against menace of drugs.

    Wednesday, March 30, 2011



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