Anger over cannabis reclassification

By davestate · Mar 12, 2009 · Updated Apr 3, 2009 · ·
  1. davestate
    Poll reveals anger at cannabis law
    There is a substantial amount of anger over the government's decision to reclassify cannabis, a poll suggests. The poll, which comes as government minister from across the world meet in Vienna for the UN's summit on drugs, shows a deep split in public opinion over how to proceed with narcotics legislation.

    Asked if drugs should be legalised, just under 50 per cent of respondents answered 'yes', while 37 per cent said 'no'. But opinions on the reclassification of cannabis were far clearer. Thirteen per cent of users agreed with the decision, compared to 87 per cent who said they 'disagreed' or 'strongly disagreed'. The government recently implemented the change to cannabis, bringing it back up to class B after former home secretary David Blunkett expended considerable political capital downgrading it to class C in 2003. But the poll showed considerably less sympathy towards calls from the government's own Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs to downgrade ecstasy. Over 50 per cent of users said they disagreed with the decision, while 37 per cent agreed. Asked what they thought of current UK drugs policy, users appeared to take a liberal stance. Sixty-two per cent of users said current policy was too authoritarian. That compared to 25 per cent, who said it was too lenient.
    By staff
    11th March 2009

    Rather obvious this was going to happen
    So it seems the government listens to absolutely noone. Where DID democracy go?

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  1. On The Nod
    Personally SWIM thinks cannabis, skunk should be class A, its very dangerous drug that fucks with a lot of peoples minds. Weaker forms eg Weed - should probably be leagalized so that skunk is taken out of the market...
  2. cannabis-sam
    You've obviously been taken in by the media propaganda on the nod, there's no real evidence to suggest that sensemillia or "skunk"(as the media like to call it to scare us) is any more dangerous than any other form of cannabis, there is some concern that certain strains contain high amounts of THC and low CBD, although I dubious as to how much of an effect this has.

    Also I think you'll find hashish/resin, of not dirty contaminated soapbar, is usually a lot stronger than sensi.

    The increase in cannabis potency over the years has been blown out of proportion by the media, the increase is not at all dramatic, and it's not huge. Please do some research into the subject before you post crap like "skunk should be class A" (not trying to be a dick). Because firstly classifying on type of cannabis, (especially not the strongest form: hashish) would be impossible to enforce, and a black market would most likely be created for people who wanted "skunk", the move to sensi/skunk cannabis in this country is largely due to the declining quality of the resin (soapbar) which has been contaiminated so much SWIMmers can't even get high off it.

    We also know the whole drugs classification system is a fucking joke aswell.

    Also as far "skunk fucking with people's mind" this can only be an assumption because there has not been a hard piece of evidence that proves cannabis is a causal factor in developing mental illness, and even by the figures on it now the rates of psychotic illness in cannabis smokers is about one in ten thousand. There was also a study a year of two back that said "cannabis can increase psychosis by %50" a scary figure but when you look at the study it's something like "The chance of getting schizophrenia is something like %.5 and people who use cannabis this rises to around %0.75 which is %50 higher but it doesn't mean %50 percent of all cannabis users get psychotic illness.

    In future don't listen to the fucking papers when it comes to drugs.
  3. chillinwill
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  4. davestate
    Says him with the diamorphine habit. I bet that's far more destructive to society and most people than a bit of weed.
    Resin is usually known as soapbar, full of shit (SWIM has never bought cannabis, only ever used his home grown)
    I wonder if it's the shit it's adulterated that "fucks" with peoples heads, burning shoe polish and plastic isn't the healthiest like.
    SWIM's noticed nothing but positives since he started having a few joints to relax at the weekend. Less stress, more productive during the week etc etc
  5. Nature Boy
    Interesting poll results but then again, a website like is always more likely to draw on the opinions of more liberal-minded people as opposed to the staunch conservative types who really believe in drug prohibition. Younger adults and progressive people in general are more proactive when it comes to interacting on the world wide web.
  6. On The Nod
    Actuall mate, talking from experience. Seen enough kids round here who have gone mad through smoking skunk at an early age, talking about 14, 15 year olds..

    SWIMs knows one mate who got locked up in a mental health ward after smoking heavy skunk, another developed scizophrenia and even SWIM experienced heavy anxiety on the stuff, the kind that just aint right...

    So before SWIY goes shouting your mouth off. maybe you should check the facts out..
  7. cannabis-sam
    Anecdotal evidence as you have quoted above, proves nothing, many people start using cannabis in their teens, just because they then went and had mental health problems DOES NOT PROVE A CAUSAL LINK. Also most people smoke seedless grass or "skunk" if you must call it that soapbar contains virtually no cannabis anyway, so saying that the very slightly stronger "skunk" is the causal factor is absolute nosnense.

    Yes it does cause anxiety in some people (there was a good post by nibbler about this somewhere) but that's because of the part of the brain it effects, that has nothing to do with developing mental health issues.

    And you still seem to think, like the media will tell you from their overblown statistics that scary evil "skunk" is a different drug to hashish or imported grass. Actually the technique of growing cannabis without the presence of males to increase potency which is what "skunk" is or correctly termed Sensimillia- (spanish for without seed) has been used for thousands of years. Have your own opinions on how dangerous cannabis is but don't think that this seedless bud is anymore dangerous than the rest.

    The best evidence shows that at most it's about 1 in 10,000 (from what I remember it's somewhere around that, I'll find the study when I can be bothered) cannabis users that have psychosis/schizophrenia. Which you can't deny is extremely small.

    I'm not saying cannabis harmless, what I'm saying is there is insufficiant evidence to show one way or the other that cannabis causes mental illness.

    Oh also there is some evidence to show cannabis is worse for kids under 15, so I don't reccomend kids use it.
  8. On The Nod
    Cannabis has not caused SWIY any great harm ,great and SWIY appears to enjoy it , fine. But dont tell SWIM that cannabis hasnt triggered off mental disorders in people because then your'e strating to sound like a stoner who will not listen to anyone elses views because they've got their head so far up a spliff and are unwilling to listen to anybody criticse their beloved best mate mary jane..
  9. davestate
    A kids brain is still developing, ANY psychoactives are a hazard to mental health.
    I know plenty of cases of people robbing and killing, both themselves and others, following a heroin/diamorphine habit.
  10. cannabis-sam
    Hold on did I for one second there say cannabis is harmless because I don't think so, I'll listen to any strong scientific evidence, if it's a large demographic, peer reviewed etc then i'll except it.

    Cannnabis probably can make mental health problems worse, and I don't deny that either.

    I was simply making the point that the link between cannabis being a causal factor is weak and that I'm uncertain wheather it does or not there is not good evidence either way.

    Yes cannabis has negatives and I'll openly admit that cannabis is a harmful drug certainly less than the legal drugs, but still harmful.
  11. On The Nod
    Fair enough, so dont take heroin OR cannabis then.

    Good Answer Sam, am glad SWIYs intelligent, to see both sides to the debate.

    Hope SWIY enjoys cannabis safely.
  12. cannabis-sam
    Although going off topic, i thought I should add, that some evidence shows the cannabis grown with low levels of CBD and high levels of THC, as some hash can be aswell not just skunk, some sensi is quite high in CBD and some isn't, if you know what strain you're getting you might get a rough idea, but in an unregulated market, created by the prohibitionist policy, if it was grown in regulated places from clones that had less damaging chemical make ups. So that evidence stated above is part of the reason the government are calling skunk a different drug, this is an overaggeration, as psychotic symptons in cannabis users is still relatively small.

    Control is the answer.
  13. dadrone

    The classification systems fails to address level of abuse. If you were penalize someone for "abusing", should it be classified on the substance itself or the frequency of abuse.

    While SWIM is all for legalization of marijuana, he is not one of the proponents that suggest weed is "safe".

    Back to my first point, does the once-a-year coke guy (like SWIM) deserve 100x punishment to the pothead dude who can't hold a job and sits around all day looking for his next bong hit? Once-a-year coke guy is a productive member of society and a solid rock in the economy - not doing much harm to anyone by doing some blow.

    The shit's all fucked up and it's safe to say SWIM doesn't know exactly how to fix it.
  14. Rainbowzz

    Swim just felt like interjecting here...
    The reason you probably see alot of 14-15 year olds coming down with various mental illnesses is likely because that happens to be when most mental illness seems to really come out of the woodwork - anywheres between 14-early twenties, depending on the illness itself and the person's environment. While mairjuana may have some effect on the person's mental state, as all psychoactives will, it is more likely that the person had the illness to begin with, and the drug exacerbated the illness and brought it out than caused it.:vibes:
  15. Scrubbs
    The day cannabis is legalized is the day the world will have the biggest party.
  16. Sven99
    Fine. Skunk is dangerous. But what is the cause of the prevalence of skunk? And what is it that means the people selling it don't care how old their buyers are?


    In a legal and regulated market, sellers would ask for ID, making it harder for minors to get hold of it, and buyers would also have a wider choice of product. In an illegal market, skunk is what is sold because it makes the growers the most money. Just like the original prohibition led to less beer and wine and more distilled spirits.

    Skunk is all this swimmer can get hold of if he wanted to use cannabis.
  17. cannabis-sam
    Very true sven, unless you know the grower, you don't know what type of skunk you're getting on the street, if we had a regulated market we could label the contents of the cannabis: how much THC how much CBD etc. We could also get rid of the strains that seem to have a more damaging chemical make up
  18. expertergaz
    on the nod you might aswell give up on this one every time i go on a forum about cannabis reclassification the one who is against cannabis is always the one who gets it in the neck!

    i personaly think cannabis should be controled like alchol and ciggerettes you may ask why??? because i do beleave cannabis messes with your mind when your younger (12-16) and the reason i would make it legal is because when a dealer wants to sell pot do you realy think he cares who or how old the people he sells to are! or just after there money! if made legal and controlled people could be asked for i.d. everytime... also remember dealers don't realy want weed legalized eather otherwise they wouldn't be able to make money if people could just get it from a coffee shop this would also mean people would know what there getting! (not cut to bits with fiber glass and other plastics):thumbsup:

    has anyone seen the tv ad! uk's pathetic attemped to make weed look evil it makes me laugh everytime!:laugh:
  19. Alfa
    I am not sure how it is in the UK (As the skunk concept is a UK media invented thing anyway), but in many countries it is not that difficult for minors to get cigarettes or alcohol anyway. Cigarette and alcohol vendors are profit focussed like drug dealers are. They need to make profit and the whole system forces them to make more every year to survive. In the US this seems to be different, because the US government does regulate tobacco and alcohol sales and punish breaches of the regulation. Most western governments fail to do so.

    I think this is one of the reasons that legalization of cannabis has not been realized in Europe. Governments then need to regulate, control sales and prosecute breaches of the regulation. This goes much further than just allowing sales. Governments would need to become part of the sales process.
  20. Sven99
    This is certainly true - Governments do need to pass effective regulation on legal drugs, and enforce it properly. But that enforcement is much easier to do in a legal market. You can't exactly send undercover shoppers to dealers.
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