Another boy, 16, peddled ecstasy and amphetamines to kids. Busted.

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    Boy, 16, peddled ecstasy to kids
    By Wendy Barlow
    Friday 26th May 2006

    A 16-year-old drug dealer was today behind bars after being caught peddling ecstasy to children on the streets of Rawtenstall.

    The teenager, who was due to sit GCSEs at a Rossendale school, did not have a drug habit to fund, but was greedy and wanted the money, Burnley Crown Court heard.

    The boy who a judge said the press should not be allowed to name was caught out by chance after a police officer spotted him.

    He had more than 200 ecstasy tablets and 47 rare amphetamine tablets.

    Sentencing, Recorder Nigel Grundy, who had read a letter from the defendant's former headmaster, said the 16-year-old had aimed his supply at others of similar age and taken no account of the effect drugs might have.

    The boy's only motive, he added, was greed and went on: "You only stopped because you were caught. You would have continued to supply drugs as long as you could have got away with it."

    The defendant, from Haslingden, admitted possessing ecstasy and amphetamine with intent to supply, last October.

    Prosecutor, Sarah Statham, told the court a police officer saw the defendant appear to pass something to a youth at the Market Place. The officer approached the group of three and the 16 year old ran off.

    He ran down the main street, dropping a small package which looked like a sunglasses case and turned out to be ecstasy tablets and cash. The teenager was detained, after a short struggle.

    Miss Statham said the defendant was taken to the police station and when his then address in Rawtenstall was searched, officers found 47 amphetamine tablets and 99 ecstasy pills similar to those dropped in the street.

    The boy said he had been selling ecstasy tablets and amphetamines. The defendant claimed he bought the pills from a man at the back of the Kingfisher Business Park, Rawtenstall. He had no previous convictions.

    Richard Littler, defending, said the boy did not realise how seriously the courts viewed ecstasy. The experience of coming to court had been punishment and made it unlikely he would offend again.

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