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Another day of cravings what seems to be nearly all day

By nicelymixedup · Jun 1, 2008 · ·
  1. nicelymixedup
    Swim was telling me that today all they did was crave all day, the meth is boring and lthough they want to stop need to stop maybe is the right word actually, they have this burning pain in their chest, a bit like when you can breath but not quite deeply enough so that its satisfy's your need for oxygen? does that sound mad? Can anyone relate to that...Still lonely,


  1. bananaskin
    Kit can identify with that...
    Stay safe sweetie, a listening ear is available:vibes:
  2. ex-junkie
    thats not mad. swim made a good description of how it feels, the shortness of breath/not feeling like youre breathing enough air into your lungs.

    i know someone who felt exactly the same when they were in swims shoes.
  3. mortenmannen
    pain in the chest area is allways a bit scary. its probably nothing to worry about, but if painkillers doesnt help and the pain continiues for much longer i'd advice you to see a doc.
    (or even just calling a dr. office or something).

    good thing you stopped :)
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