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Another major drug bust at busiest container port

By SmokeTwibz, Sep 4, 2012 | |
  1. SmokeTwibz

    SANTO DOMINGO.- The National Drugs Control Agency (DNCD) dealt another major blow to organized crime Sunday night, seizing 758 packages of cocaine and 10 of heroin headed to Holland, at Caucedo Port, Boca Chica, the country’s busiest container terminal.

    DNCDpresident Rolando Rosado on Monday said the 25 packages of drugs were hidden in electronic security equipment in a container aboard the freighter Captain Ricarda, which was about to set sail for the port at Rotterdam, Netherlands.

    "This seizure came after a month-long investigation carried out by the DNCD, together with Puerto Multimodal security members," Rosado said in a statement, on which its spokesman Roberto Lebron didn’t provide any details but said there were several arrests and raids in Santo Domingo.

    He said the investigation revealed that the drugs came from South America and that the suspects who entered the country "have been properly identified and we guarantee there will be arrests.”

    The DNCD has yet to provide the weight of the drugs.

    Local - 3 September 2012, 11:22 AM

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