Another month's bail

By OpiateWarrior · Feb 18, 2008 · ·
  1. OpiateWarrior
    Well unfortunately in Oct-07 swim got caught with a Q(quarter) of H:-. This is one of a compilation of bad things that happened to swim at that time, and hitting ''rock bottom'' helped him to decide to get clean. Anyway they are trying to get evidence to hit swim with intent to supply, but don't have it. No scales, no money and nothing else that would of pointed to supply. So another month wondering if he will be charged with intent:thumbsdown: or just possession:applause:. Well its like swim's sister said ''everything happens for a reason'', maybe this was the kick up the ass that swim needed:laugh:. Just hope it doesn't kick him too far and over the prison wall?!

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  1. Metomni
    Hopefully things continue to head in a good direction and SWIY does not face those intent charges. SWIM can only imagine how scary that would be knowing it's a possibility.

    Good luck!
  2. savingJenniB
    You possess the power within you to make this the best thing that has ever happened in your life ~ so far!

    Think positive ~ take the right steps forward ~ you know what they are~ make it positive.

    I wish you the very best - make it happen.
  3. trptamene
    Any news?
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