Another poem!!! Fuck me, I'm prolific.

By cuddlesthefox · Nov 25, 2008 · ·
  1. cuddlesthefox
    Silent screams of mothers and brothers, sisters and fathers,

    People in clothes that hide the ache

    And those without who bow to those that have

    Secretly plotting their downfall with passive rage.

    The girl in the mirror stares at the glass but never beyond

    For fear of losing hope.

    The kings, the prophets, the dying and the smiling

    All screaming inside while patently lying

    That life is sweet and heaven is golden

    Repent their perversions, saving their souls

    From hell and fuck all

    With backs to the wall

    They'll all come to see, him, it and she

    That screaming will always be silent to me.

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  1. beena
    Wow! I love it. Keep 'em coming.
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