Another reduction

By OpiateWarrior · Feb 12, 2008 · ·
  1. OpiateWarrior
    Hi again, just a quick blog today. Swim saw his methadone doctor today and reduced daily script to 90ml:applause:. All's going well, spoke to him about Iboga and he's heard of it but says the NHS won't help me out on this one, although swim can still go privately for 2k:mad:. Don't have that spare, still gonna sort a Iboga dose, somehow:laugh:.

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  1. Metomni

    Progress always feels so nice. :)
  2. savingJenniB
    Know I'm repeating myself but (to quote Paracelsus) Zen for the day:

    "The cause of all suffering is craving. Desire things that You do not have, and suffering will follow. Realize this and peace will be Yours. Suffering will disappear and contentment will reign."
  3. moda00
    Congrats!! Glad things have been going well.. I was outta town for awhile, but keep me posted on how things are going for ya!! :)

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