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Another Republican Looks to Enact a Welfare Ban on Drug Sellers--For Life

  1. Beenthere2Hippie
    People convicted of selling drugs in Pennsylvania could be banned from access to welfare services for the rest of their lives if Republican state Rep. Mike Regan has his way.

    A bill sponsored by the York Republican would mean that anyone convicted of felony drug distribution in Pennsylvania would no longer qualify for welfare in Pennsylvania indefinitely, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported on Monday. Regan told the paper that the bill had already passed the Health Committee, and that his party hoped it could get a vote in the full House later this week.

    “This legislation, I’m not trying to be hardhearted,” Ragan insisted. “I’m trying to preserve the funds that are not infinite for those that are truly in need.”

    Democrats, however, worried that the bill could have unintended consequences.

    “None of us want to protect the dealers, but we do know that people who have had drug offenses at early ages can turn their lives around,” Democratic state Rep. Flo Fabrizio said. “Sometimes they need some assistance to do that, and we don’t want to shut the doors of opportunity for a mistake.”

    Fabrizio pointed out that the Department of Human Services already required anyone convicted on felony drug charges to pass a drug test before receiving welfare.

    “Frankly, I don’t think the bill is necessary,” the lawmaker remarked.

    Gateway Rehabilitation Center Medical Director Dr. Neil Capretto argued that the bill was the wrong approach to take.

    “While somebody did this criminal activity, we don’t want to give them government money to help them afterwards,” he observed. “But generally, I don’t think it’s a good idea to restrict health care, especially with addiction. I would just ask legislators to look at this with maybe fresh eyes and see if there’s room for compromise to allow not totally shutting the door on access to treatment,” Capretto added.

    Regan said that he was willing to consider exempting the victims of domestic violence from the bill. Other possible amendments included banning felons from welfare for 15 to 20 years instead of for life. According to the Pennsylvania Uniform Crime Reporting System, over 14,000 people were arrested in the state in 2014 for the sale of drugs.

    By David Edwards - The Raw Story/June 16, 2015
    Newshawk Crew

    Author Bio

    BT2H is a retired news editor and writer from the NYC area who, for health reasons, retired to a southern US state early, and where BT2H continues to write and to post drug-related news to DF.


  1. Alien Sex Fiend
    Re: Another Republican Looks to Enact a Welfare Ban on Drug Users--For Life

    Wow now thats draconian, good half od welfare people are on welfare because they abused drugs in the past. Welfare doesn't provide enough money for cheap and legal alcohol abuse, its silly to think that a welfare recipient can afford drugs. Whats it got to do with drug dealing?
  2. babalooj
    Re: Another Republican Looks to Enact a Welfare Ban on Drug Users--For Life

    If a person is making money selling drugs, that is undocumented income, so the dealer can still qualify to get welfare money, even if they may be making money selling drugs
  3. Alien Sex Fiend
    Re: Another Republican Looks to Enact a Welfare Ban on Drug Users--For Life

    Why would any good dealer need welfare money?
  4. babalooj
    Re: Another Republican Looks to Enact a Welfare Ban on Drug Users--For Life

    Well if they aren't a good dealer, they then may actually need the money
    If they don't actually need it, then it is just because they can, because it is more money after all, and also because it is legitimate, documented income
  5. senorlou
    Re: Another Republican Looks to Enact a Welfare Ban on Drug Users--For L

    People dont like dealers, but this is just a distraction from what Republicans have done to their state budget, which is criminal.

    Its such a joke. You can take any Republican state outside of arguably Texas and you will find it is a "welfare" state, as it takes in more federal tax dollars than it sends to DC. I have no problem with that, since i believe in the "united" part of United States, but Republicans don't usually know this.

    So they elect Republicans in places like Kansas or Louisiana where the states are going absolutely broke in a time where other states are back in surplus. These Republican policies usually include cutting taxes for the wealthy, and putting the burden on the working classes or cut funding. Im not digressing, you'll see where im going here.

    So let's look at Kansas where the Republicans are in charge and made it so several hundred thousand business owners and about 55,000 farmers now pay no income tax, or have had major decreases. The revenue for Kansas dried up. What do they do, they increase sales tax and taxes on cigarettes. They refuse to put taxes back to how they were and the state goes into deficit. Then come the cuts and people get on welfare. They do this in every god damn state. Then they go after those who have lost their jobs with shit like this in Pennsylvania.

    The idea is to break the government and then use welfare,recipients who got busted for selling weed or drugs fifteen years ago, some of who paid their debt to society in the pokey, as scapegoats. It works well. They say to their voting base that big government is the problem. Then, they de-fund the government, wreck havoc on the economy, and kick the asses of the people that get caught in their economic calamity caused by their policies. They did thus nationwide during the bush 2 error. One Republican Representative who voted for drug testing the unemployed was caught buying cocaine - Trey Radel. He eventually resigned. This was a few years back, and id get the info, but im on a tablet and typing and looking things up sucks.

    So this is just their usual bs meant to distract their base and offers them up a scapegoat when they turn the economy to shit, and tank a state budget. As i said, it works like a charm, every time. You can fool some people all the time.

    EDIT: Pennsylvania has a $1.2 billion dollar "structural defecit" as of right now. This is expected to get much larger next year. Same as Kansas, Louisiana, and just about every state run by Republicans.
  6. prescriptionperil
    Re: Another Republican Looks to Enact a Welfare Ban on Drug Users--For Life

    According to Malcom Gladwell's book, "The Tipping Point, low level street dealers can't afford to move out of mom's place. In the end, this tactic perpetuates child poverty and family instability. Job training programs could help offenders become productive citizens, while using welfare as a short term safety net. Job placement after training is crucial. This would help prevent costly recidivism.

    Yeah, the Repulicans attempt to appeal to their zealots with issues like cuts to the poor, abortion, etc.
    When in reality they pad their cronies pocketbooks with tax cuts to the wealthy. Although dated, "What's the Matter with Kansas," was an eye opener regarding the Blatant duplicity. And, it's gotten worse.
  7. beentheredonethatagain
    Re: Another Republican Looks to Enact a Welfare Ban on Drug Users--For Life

    I would like to see this bill pass , but with a five year review instead of lifetime ban..

    Enough handing out money to anyone that is not reporting earned income
    Regardless of method it was obtained.
  8. CaptainTripps
    Re: Another Republican Looks to Enact a Welfare Ban on Drug Users--For Life

    If the bill stated that anyone convicted of dealing drugs while on welfare was to be banned from receiving welfare, you might have a point. But then the real crime would be cheating the welfare system, not dealing drugs. This is one reason why this bill is not only cruel, but illogical.

    This bill pretty much says, if you have ever been convicted of dealing drugs in the past and you now find yourself and your children in need, then you should just use your "job skills" and get your butt down on the street and get to "work".

    But if you want to save money you better pray that they don't busted selling drugs to support their families. A typical welfare grant for a family of three is maybe about $6,000. a year. Prison runs about $30,000 to $40,000 a year for one person. That is not even mentioning the cost of supporting those two children when the parent is in jail. They will probably end up on welfare with another relative under a non needy grant, which will probably be about $4,800.00 a year. That is if they go to one relative. If they go to two different relatives it would be about $3,600.00 apiece. If no relative will take them they would go to foster care, which is far more expensive. (FYI, my numbers come from what would be expected from a welfare grant in Washington State were I live, the amounts here may be different, but the principle is the same.)
  9. Alien Sex Fiend
    Re: Another Republican Looks to Enact a Welfare Ban on Drug Users--For Life

    To compare my Canadian single welfare is $3600 a year. Survival Minimum is considered 25000 a year by the government. To raise one kid outside of poverty from 0-18 costs approx. 180000 from government statistics. So... they are killing off the poor
  10. 5-HT2A
    Funny how drugs often = welfare. Not just in terms of getting high, but in terms of being able to survive. Many people sell drugs just to get by, and now they are told that if they are caught getting by the state will no longer help them get by. To achieve what? We don't know. Republicans: the party of stupid since 1980.
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