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Another Short Poem about Drug-Related Crime

By beena, Aug 16, 2008 | |
  1. beena
    Back in the ‘Ville...​
    For decadent class ‘A’ affection
    And a gratuitous shoplifting predilection
    Brings another troublesome situation
    Caught red-handed; no need for police investigation
    Confessed: to avoid further altercation
    Future? A magistrates deliberations
    Drug treatment order, probation, custodial sentence?
    The prison system is overcrowded, rehab might make sense
    Lets be realistic, be under no pretence, it might work
    If this wasn’t your forty-first offence
    The judge shakes his head and frowns for he’s taking a harsh measure,
    "You’re a repeat offender, an addict, no national treasure",
    He says, "here’s six months - to be served at her majesty’s pleasure",
    In Pentonville prison, where there will be time to think
    Long nights and long days to reflect on the crimes you have done
    To contemplate or to speculate on what will be your fate
    When you get out, civilian life can seem a long wait
    If your one and only friend in life is your new cellmate....


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