Answer for marijuana newbies

By SAnD · Dec 31, 2010 · ·
  1. SAnD
    post regarding a users friend trouble with marijuana.

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  1. Heretic.Ape.
    Monkey smoked frequently in high school and a few years after, but quit for years due to it aggravating his social anxiety issues. He would sit there trying to think of something to say, his mind racing in anxiety, and by the time he'd though of something the conversation would have moved on, so his time stoned was primarily sitting in anxiety-ridden paralysis or watching movies, the type of activity that involves little interaction but allows one to enjoy the engrossing and sensory aspects of the herb. But he didn't like spending a lot of time sitting around watching movies, so it became a rare thing.

    He hesitantly started again after moving in with his girlfriend around a year and a half ago because she liked to smoke a lot. Since the environment was so pleasant--the two of them and their house mate, who was a super chill and good guy--he immediately enjoyed it again, back to his old babbling discussions of weird shit like "reality" and all that fun stuff, wandering around and taking in the beauty of the world, just like before it got wrapped up in his social anxiety thing.

    Since, it has proven one of his most valued resources in his bipolar survival kit: shifting gears out of head trips and emotional extremes and more into a more logical, reflective and present state. So, he's glad it worked that way ;)
  2. Radiated_Destiny
    SWIM is too. Very good post it does the very same to her.
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