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Anti-drug Chief Suspended for Possetion of Methamphetamines

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Anti-drug Chief Suspended for Possetion of Methamphetamines

    Touch Muysor, head of the anti-drug-trafficking bureau in Cambodia, was suspended after 8,000 pills of illegal methamphetamine (worth $100,000) were found in his possession.

    Muysor was previously questioned by the Ministry of Interior and the FBI on suspicion of owning illegal drugs. The day after questioning, they searched his office and found his stash of drugs.

    Muysor has been suspended from his duties as Chief, but allowed to continue with "normal" police work at the station.
    Muysor commented, "Yes, I am suspended. I am terribly sorry I cannot answer any more of your questions.”



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