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Anti Drug group ends campaign against legal Marijuana (Partnership of drugfree_org)

  1. Basoodler

    As marijuana legalization eventually spreads towards more states, don’t expect to see any ads against new laws featuring Ninja Turtles or fried eggs any time soon.

    Steve Pasierb, CEO of Partnership at Drugfree.org, has no intentions of producing ads that go against marijuana legislation in Colorado or Washington, despite requests from anti-pot lobbyists.

    “A public-service ad that says: ‘By the way, voters of Colorado, you don’t know what you are doing.’ Come on,” said Pasierb in an interview with Advertising Age.

    Pasierb admits that legalization is “happening in America,” and wants to take a different approach towards marijuana by educating parents how to prevent children from using it.

    “They [parents] expect that it will come with no marketing, all kinds of restrictions and none of this will be exposed to their children, when in fact that is not true,” Pasierb said. “Legalization means that this is now legally protected commercial speech.”

    Formerly Partnership for a Drug Free America, the group is well known for their anti-pot PSA ads, most notably the “Brain on Drugs” campaign made famous in the 80s and 90s.

    Posted on March 26, 2014 at 1:13 pm by Oscar Pascual



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