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  1. chillinwill
    A police officer known for his work tackling drug dealers was found dead at his home from a heroin overdose.

    Pc David Pilling, 47, was found by colleagues collapsed in the lounge of his flat near Regent's Park, in Camden, north London.

    They discovered various items of drug paraphernalia beside him, including a Stanley knife, traces of heroin and a syringe.

    An inquiry was launched and toxicology tests revealed the officer died from a massive overdose of heroin.

    Detectives based at Camden CID found no suspicious circumstances and the case was handed to a coroner.

    A Metropolitan Police spokesman said a coroner sitting at St Pancras Coroner's Court recorded a verdict of death by misadventure earlier this week.

    Colleagues said Mr Pilling was renowned for his work tackling drug dealers operating in busy Camden shopping streets.

    One local newspaper reported that Mr Pilling earned the nickname of Robocop for his all-action style of policing.

    Camden Borough Commander Chief Superintendent Dominic Clout said the dedicated officer is sadly missed.

    He said: "Pc Pilling was a truly valued member of staff who proved popular with colleagues and members of the local community.

    "He had served all 13 years of his service with Camden borough and, as a Safer Neighbourhoods officer, built strong links with residents of the Holborn and Covent Garden ward.

    "As a result of the ongoing investigation into his death, detailed forensic tests have revealed that Pc Pilling died of a heroin overdose.

    "Clearly, Pc Pilling displayed no signs of drug use while at Camden borough and his colleagues and supervisors were unaware of any issues relating to drugs.

    "The Met does operate an alcohol and substance misuse policy which includes random screening of serving officers.

    "While we will always support and actively seek help for colleagues who alert us of potential problems through challenging or difficult times, we will never tolerate the use of drugs amongst officers and will deal with any reported cases severely."

    Mr Pilling died on March 26 at his home in Albany Street, NW1.

    By Chris Greenwood
    August 7, 2009


  1. missparkles
    This has something in common with "the war on drugs." Neither of them work...obviously.
    Sad story...but ironic.
  2. bcubed
    The combination of "showed no signs of drug abuse," plus "massive overdose of heroin," makes me wonder if this wasn't suicide. Police officers tend to take their live rather regularly...and if one worked the drug beat, it'd be easy to come up with enough drugs to kill one's self in a manner that wouldn't require next-of-kin to clean the brains off the wallpaper.

    Interestingly, supposing the P.D. leans on the coroner to label this death in a manner most sympathetic to the officer...would it be seen as better amongst the porcine set to label it accidental (meaning the guy "was a user"), or as a suicide in an otherwise non-user?
  3. chillinwill
    ‘Robocop’ who targeted drug dealers died at home from heroin overdose
    A Met police officer renowned as a scourge of London drug dealers was found dead in his flat from a heroin overdose.

    David Pilling - who was known as “Robocop” for his efforts in tackling drugs - was found collapsed at his home in Camden earlier this year.

    An inquest heard yesterday how the 47-year-old died from an overdose from a heroin injection while his body also had traces of cocaine and Ecstasy use.

    His sudden death shocked friends, colleagues and family none of whom had any idea he took drugs.

    Colleagues say the hugely popular officer may have been experimenting with drugs and died from an accidental overdose.

    An investigation into his death found that the officer had been looking at websites dealing with drugs and how to take them in the weeks before his death.

    Pc Pilling, who was originally from Canada, built up a reputation for tackling drug dealers on his beat in Holborn and Covent Garden.

    A member of the local Safer Neighbourhoods Team he once chased a dealer down a flight of steps in Tottenham Court Road on his motorbike.

    Camden borough Commander Dominic Clout, said: “PC Pilling was a truly valued member of staff who proved popular with colleagues and members of the local community.

    “Clearly Pc Pilling displayed no signs of drug use whilst at Camden borough and his colleagues and supervisors were unaware of any issues relating to drugs.

    “The Met does operate an alcohol and substance misuse policy which includes random screening of serving officers. Whilst we will always support colleagues through challenging or difficult times who alert us of potential problems and actively seek help we will never tolerate the use of drugs amongst officers and will deal with any reported cases severely.”

    The inquest heard that tests showed the police officer was not a heroin addict.

    There was evidence that he had used the drug before and some evidence that he had also tried cocaine and Ecstasy.

    Colleagues said there was nothing in his behaviour to show that he had been using drugs regularly.

    Detective Inspector Paul Clack of Camden Police said: “The whole thing has been a complete shock to everyone. This came out of the blue.

    “There was no major incident in his life that might have prompted this. In fact he was always very active in arresting people in possession of drugs.”

    More than 100 friends and colleagues have posted tributes to the officer on internet social networking sites.

    bY Justin Davenport
    August 7, 2009
    London Evening Standard

  4. Seaquake
    to me it sounds like he was doing research but got it badly wrong. or maybe it was a purer than usual batch and he was unlucky.
  5. bubbly nubs
    SWIM knows (for a fact ;)) there are a surprising amount of police officers who use drugs, at least in his area.
  6. Guigz
    I don't know how this guy was when he arrested people ( If he was an asshole or a good cops...good cops? What I'm saying!!!! ). Even if he participed to this pathetical "war on drugs" it is a sad story like said Sparkles, but the ironic situation make me laugh.

    Sorry for his family.

    Drugs are everywhere, in every home, social class, corporate class, even in police, military, and certainly very spread in state's agent in charge to fight this "curse".

    R.I.P Robo-dope!
  7. fnord
    Is seems he treatedthem with all the respect and decency pro footbal(American football) players use on there opponents.

  8. Guigz
    OOh, yeah, so I can laugh without too much bad consciousness.
  9. Motorhead
    Cops are people. People use drugs. There are plenty of cops that use drugs. This one happened to make the news, a little ironic if his arresting tactics are really as brutal as reported. 47, no wife or kids? Midlife crisis or whatever, who knows.
  10. salviablue
    I wonder if it crossed thier minds he was a dealer and his vehement style of 'policing' was to protect/fund his interests? He may have been found out or got a sudden case of lethal conscience? I suppose we will never know.

    My sincere condolences go out to his close friends and family.
  11. nick23
    Poor guy.

    Just because he was a cop and apparently a hypocrite doesn't mean he doesn't deserve sympathy.
  12. Guigz
    Your right, but apparently he was also knowing for his violent arrest. Anyway your right.

    All my condolences to his family...
  13. Grimfaith

    Thats all I can say on this...except for the bold face letters of IRONY! I wonder what his history is exactly, if he has ever used any kind of drug in his life at all besides the obvious.
  14. missparkles
    In Sparkles experience the people who are "full on" anti drug advocates know more about the subject than most are aware of. Similar to the way ex smokers can be.
    Some ex users become champions of the "all drugs are bad" cause. Perhaps this man had some history with drugs, that's why he was so anti. But yeah...it's tragic when anyone dies in these circumstances, it leaves so many unanswered questions.
    Take care.
  15. readeadamie
    The cop that arrested SWIM last year is an asshole. SWIM and his friends refer to him as Judge Dread. As we were speeding (nearly 110mph) back to the Garda (police) station he said how he'd love a line of coke now. I couldn't believe it. He was arressting me for possession of an ounce of hash. Also, I thought it was pretty ironic that the biggest drug dealer SWIM knows is brothers with a Garda (police officer) of high rank. I don't understand why a drug user would want to be a cop, but then again nobody even realised he was a drug user til he was dead and couldn't hide it anymore. Karma?
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