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Anti retro viral drugs been smoked in sa

By sylenth, Jul 8, 2008 | Updated: Sep 6, 2008 | | |
  1. sylenth
    hi this is old news here in sa. not sure if any one has heard. just thought i would share it. people have been stealing anti retro virals for peopke with hiv aids & smoking them.... i laughed when i heard this. pretty insane.http://www.mg.co.za/article/2007-05-13-thugs-smoking-antiretrovirals-with-dagga

    Thugs in a KwaZulu-Natal community are robbing people living with HIV/Aids of their antiretroviral (ARV) drugs -- and then smoking them to get high, the Saturday Star reported.

    Patients collecting their ARVs at St Mary's Hospital outside Pinetown have complained to community outreach coordinators that criminals are stealing their Stocrin, a commonly-used ARV, and smoking it.

    They reportedly mix it with dagga and smoke it.

    "People of all ages are stealing it from patients and smoking it together with dagga," the newspaper quoted community worker Nancy Sias as saying.

    She first heard of the thefts in January, but was not aware of it happening on a large scale.
    some get it, some don't get it. it's whether you're getting there that really matters.


  1. Heretic.Ape.
    do you have a news article about this? This is the News...
  2. sylenth
    oh, thanx. did'nt think of that...it would help. lol, i've linked the article & link 2 the original post.
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