Anyone know anything about haelth care in the US?

By bcubed · Jan 18, 2009 · ·
  1. bcubed
    Okay, so this is a more upbeat post that my last one, where I was talking about how I was convinced I had this horrible problem with my health and all the doctors didn't believe me.

    Well now, I've got good/bad news. The good news being that my condition is so objectively bad that the doctors can't deny something's very wrong. Specifically, obstructive sleep apnea and hypoxemia (down to 77% O2), despite having a trach.

    The problem is that I've alienated every doc I' ve came into contact with. I'm concerned that they'll just leave me hanging--even if they're aware I'm right--rather than eat the amount of crow that admitting they were wrong would entail.

    They have me on oxygen, and I'm concerned that this is their plan vs. actually doing something surgically for me. Considering that I'm in and out of the ER 2X/month, I'm not really at a point to re-establish a patient/doctor relationship.

    There's obvious resources for somone who wants to SUE a doctor; I'm not aware of what's available for someone who's simply in need of treatment. I was hoping there'd be somone out there w/ knowledge of some sort.

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  1. sciencereason
    You can excellent health care in the USA if you pay for it, or you have some damn good (above average) insurance. Ever seen Michael Moore's documentary 'Sicko'?
    The situation might get better with Obama as president, but who knows. I have Medicare and AARP for schizo affective disorder (To many drugs dude!), and having Medicare is like having no insurance whatsoever. However it does work in the hospital and my family doctor, but that's the only places who accept it (Well, a dermatologist accepted, and so did a lab). It's a rip off for 96.00 a month!
    Best to you and I hope you find what you're looking for.
  2. lostinla
    AH. SWIM 's area of expertise. BEing the patient advocate, especially for the misunderstood, shunned, or labelled. Am having a potential power outage/storm here in the deep south BUT am interested in replying to this so if I have to, the jill of all trades shall go and fire up the generator to give an appropriate reply. Just wanted to give a heads up.

    Before I go. You have OSA, a trach, any underlying causes other than the obvious? What other history? Insurance? WHAT tests have you had done, be thorough- for any chronic illnesses whether you were told 'all were negative or fine'. Make that list and any family history/etc. Will be a good start and look forward to hopefully helping you out in any way I can
  3. DFFL
    SWIM here is in an extremely rare and fortunate situation regarding health care, (knock on wood). Several years ago he was treated for hepatitis-c. It's a horrible treatment, almost killed him and gave him all the symptoms of hep., which were never there before.SWIM was pretty much ruined. Could NOT work, had to close up shop, sell the house and move in with in-laws. After about a year of dwindling funds, SWIMs wife started looking into Medi-care, social security and benefits for the less fortunate.W/O going into numerous details, SWIM was approved. I don't know how or why, lots of folks are much needier, just told the truth. This guy was seriously sick, with lots of Dr.s paperwork to back it up. It was a long annoying process but the coverage is much better than the private insurance SWIM used to buy. SWIM has a great Dr. and prescription coverage. Full coverage at no cost. I guess it was paid for long ago through taxes. I really don't understand why this can't be available to everyone, considering how much $ the govt. wastes. It was quite an ordeal but persistance paid off. SWIM sees a lot of non-english speaking people around the office. I think they get it automatically when they come here but a hard working American w/o insurance is just fucked. Best of luck, DFFL
  4. DFFL
    bcubed, you mentioned sleep apnia.SWIM had this disorder too. At the time he was taking Effexor, an anti-depressant. After quitting the medication, the problem quit too. SWIM believes that type of drug caused a violent multiple siezure episode he had too. That stuff terrifies me. Good Luck,DFFL
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